John Bergman –

I have been an NFL fan for 48 yers and I attend numerous games. Never have I been so appalled as to the referees handling of a game in my life. The referees had no handle on this game and did absolutely nothing to keep any. To see the Pittsbugh Steelers numerous attempts to strip the ball after the play was long over being allowed by the refs without a single delay of the game call led to the uncontrol. Miami’s first possession where the player was allowed to launch into the quarterback showed the way the refs were going call this game. To see exactly how poor the refs did in this game, I will call to your attention 2 plays. Remember these are only examples of the poor officiating.

With just under 11 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Jay Ajayi clearly reaches forward with the ball for the 1st down, which he was not given. The ensuing play, Miami runs a fake punt. Michael Thomas runs for the first easily and # 45 dives in way after the whistle. 95 for Pittsburgh pushes a Miami player several times way after that. 88 for Pittsburgh goes after Michael Thomas. No action by the refs whatsoever for any of it except blowing their whistles repeatedly. Doesn’t do anything.

Several plays later at just over 7 minutes left in the quarter, Bud Dupree again launches with the crown of his helmet into the facemask of Matt Moore. CLEARLY deserved a targeting and ejection. After the play was over, Jay Ajayi pushes a Steeler player. Unsportsmanlike conduct. He did the same thing #95 did SEVERAL times earlier and with no call on him. End result is that Pittsburgh player targets a quarterback and a Miami player shoves a Steeler player. No yardage on penalties. Miami now has 1st and 25 instead of 2nd and 9.

So your referees way to get a game under control is to throw a flag on the team that has been getting roughed all game. Absolutely pathetic.


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