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I’ve been watching NFL Football since I was old enough to breath. The officiating in the Packers/49’ers (leading up to the Packer’s 1st TD) was such TOTAL B.S.. And now you’re doing it again, in a transparent effort to give the well-loved Packers EVERY advantage you can. It is SO F’ING obvious. And it pisses off me and every football fan outside of Wisconsin. Apparently you think we’re all stupid, and can’t see we are being cheated. So, Go F Yourselves, it won’t work, no matter how hard you try. Sometime honesty will out, and low-life cheating POS, like yourselves will find themselves where they belong (but the attempted cheating continues so TRANSPARENTLY). YOU SUCK. YOUR REFS…SUCK. YOU CHEAT. IT’S UNBELEIVABLE. NOW. YOURE OUTA DOWNS. WATCHA GUNNA DO? 5 DOWNS? Wouldn’t be surprised!!!!!!!

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