sharon pfeifer –

]I am downright sick that the refs screwed the Steelers in the Steelers vs Saints game. The officiating was horrible and this year several calls against the Steelers have influenced the outcome of the games, with Steelers coming up on the short end of the calls (or lack thereof).

GRRR…something has to give here. An apology just doesnt cut it. I know Tomlin or the team can’t complain without getting fined by we fans surely can. That phantom PI call of Joe Haden in the Saints game gave the Saints a free TD was just plaing TERRIBLE officiating and that crew should be fired! I am tired of watching my Steelers get ripped off time and time again by bad calls and or NO calls against the opposing team.

For instance….

2018 Game against the Chargers…a Chargers obvious false start that everyone saw but the refs resulted in a TD for the Chargers. Also a block in the back against the Chargers that went uncalled the refs resulting in a TD for the Chargers!. This changes the momentum of the game.

Makes me NOT want to watch the game I used to LOVE! Shame on YOUR refs (WROLSTAD crew) for ruining the game and taking the fun out of Americas favorite pastime!


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