Full referee listing for week 10

Here’s the full list for this week.  Let us know in the comments of any interesting calls.

Chicago at San Francisco – Ron Winter

Buffalo at Tennessee – John Parry
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh – Terry McAulay
New Orleans at St. Louis – Gene Steratore
Tampa Bay at Miami – Tony Corrente
Detroit at Minnesota – Walt Anderson
Jacksonville at NY Jets – Ed Hochuli
Denver at Washington – Pete Morelli
Atlanta at Carolina – Bill Leavy
Kansas City at Oakland – Mike Carey
Seattle at Arizona – Walt Coleman
Dallas at Green Bay – Jeff Triplette
Philadelphia at San Diego – Jerome Boger
New England at Indianapolis – Scott Green

Baltimore at Cleveland – Carl Cheffers

Full referee listing for week 9

If you see any bad/noteworthy calls this week, tell us in the comments below.  Here’s the full list of refs for this week:

Washington at Atlanta – Ron Winter
Arizona at Chicago – Ed Hochuli
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Al Riveron
Houston at Indianapolis – Jeff Triplette
Miami at New England – Mike Carey
Green Bay at Tampa Bay – Pete Morelli
Kansas City at Jacksonville – Bill Leavy
Detroit at Seattle – John Parry
Carolina at New Orleans – Scott Green
San Diego at NY Giants – Walt Anderson
Tennessee at San Francisco – Carl Cheffers
Dallas at Philadelphia – Walt Coleman

Pittsburgh at Denver – Don Carey

NFL: Week 9 referee assignments

We’ve got Carl Cheffers in San Francisco and Walt Coleman in Philadelphia.  What else can you find?

Here’s the full list as it develops…

Full referee listing for week 8

Here we go — here is the full list of refs for the week 8 games in the NFL.  If you see any bad calls worth talking about, let us know in the comments below.

Houston at Buffalo – Gene Steratore
Cleveland at Chicago – Al Riveron
Seattle at Dallas – Jerome Boger
St. Louis at Detroit – Ron Winter
Minnesota at Green Bay – Tony Corrente
San Francisco at Indianapolis – Ed Hochuli
Miami at NY Jets – Don Carey
Denver at Baltimore – Walt Coleman
Jacksonville at Tennessee – Pete Morelli
Oakland at San Diego – Terry McAulay
NY Giants at Philadelphia – Carl Cheffers
Carolina at Arizona – Mike Carey

Atlanta at New Orleans – Jeff Triplette

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NFL: Week 7 referee assignments

The postings for Week 7 have begun.  We’ve got Jerome Boger in London for the Patroits/Bucs and John Parry in Miami.  When you find others, let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!

Full referee listing for week 6

Here’s the full list of officials for the games this week.  As always, feel free to discuss any noteworthy calls in the comments below!

Houston at Cincinnati – Bill Leavy
Detroit at Green Bay – Jerome Boger
Baltimore at Minnesota – Mike Carey
NY Giants at New Orleans – Ed Hochuli
Carolina at Tampa Bay – John Parry
Kansas City at Washington – Tony Corrente
St. Louis at Jacksonville – Jeff Triplette
Cleveland at Pittsburgh – Walt Anderson
Arizona at Seattle – Carl Cheffers
Philadelphia at Oakland – Pete Morelli
Buffalo at NY Jets – Walt Coleman
Tennessee at New England – Gene Steratore
Chicago at Atlanta – Terry McAulay

Denver at San Diego – Scott Green

NFL: Week 6 referee assignments

Week 5 isn’t quite over yet, and we’re already posting some refs for week 6 (like Gene Steratore in New England).  If you know more, please tell us in the comments.  Thanks!

Full referee listing for week 5

Here’s the full list of officials for the games this week.  As always, feel free to discuss any noteworthy calls in the comments below!

Cleveland at Buffalo – Jerome Boger
Pittsburgh at Detroit – Ed Hochuli
Dallas at Kansas City – Ron Winter
Minnesota at St. Louis – Don Carey
Oakland at NY Giants – John Parry
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia – Terry McAulay
Washington at Carolina – Walt Coleman
Cincinnati at Baltimore – Jeff Triplette
Atlanta at San Francisco – Pete Morelli
Jacksonville at Seattle – Scott Green
Houston at Arizona – Tony Corrente
New England at Denver – Carl Cheffers
Indianapolis at Tennessee – Walt Anderson

NY Jets at Miami – Al Riveron

NFL: Week 4 referee assignments

Ok, so we’ve got Al Riveron in Jacksonville, but that’s it so far.  What else can you find for week 4? Let us know in the comments!