Referee assignments and discussion for Week 5

Week 5 of the NFL kicks off tonight in Cleveland with Pete Morelli handling the Bills at the Browns.  We’re still trying to find the rest of the assignments for this weekend, but you can see what we’ve found so far over on the week 5 page.

If you see any calls or actions that are noteworthy, use the comments on this post to discuss them.

Enjoy the games!


NFL Week 17: Referee Assignments

We’ve got Pete Morelli in Cleveland, Bill Leavy in Miami, and Ed Hochuli in Seattle. What else can you find? Please try and post the link to where you found out or that you know someone on the crew that you got the info from so we can be accurate this week.

Happy New Year! Have a Safe, Fun, and Healthy Holiday!

NFL Week 16: Referee Assignments

So far we’ve got Tony Corrente for the Santa Claus Special Friday Night, Ed Hochuli in Cincinnatti, Pete Morelli in Pittsburgh.

Please post anything you find in the comments below.

I’m also trying to find some footage of the Jacobs/Haynesworth fight from last night for a post later today, but I’m not having any luck yet. If anyone finds a link, please email it to me at Thanks!

NFL Week 14: Referee Assignments

We’ve got several already for this week, please post here in the comments what you find out is confirmed.

NFL: Week 12 referee assignments

We’ve got all 3 Turkey Day games posted, Bill Leavy in Detroit, Carl Cheffers in Dallas, and Tony Corrente in Denver, along with a few for the weekend, Scott Green in St Louis, Al Riveron in Houston, and Pete Morelli for the big Monday Night Game in New Orleans.

Here’s the full list in progress.

Let us know what else you find.

NFL: Week 8 referee assignments

Week 7 isn’t quite over yet, but we’ve already got Pete Morelli in Tennessee for week 8.  If you know of other assignments for week 8, let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!