Referee Assignments and Discussion for Week 11

Week 11 of the NFL kicks off tonight in Tennessee with the Colts playing the Titans and Mike Carey making the calls. However, we’re still missing quite a few assignments for this week, so please head over to our week 11 page if you know of any others that we can fill in.

If you see any calls or actions that are noteworthy, use the comments on this post to discuss them.

Enjoy the games!

Is Jerome Boger a Titans Fan?

It sure looked like it at the end of the Monday Night Game this week. I can’t really explain what Jerome Boger was thinking when he high-fived Vince Young at the end of the game. Referees are supposed to be impartial, and although we see them talking to players every week, or smiling, this type of obvious gesture surely can’t be appreciated by the league.


I know it’s “guy code” to not leave a guy hanging, but under no circumstance should Boger have done this. He has to maintain his professionalism in this situation, fold his arms, and let Young go on his way.

If Chad Ochocinco is going to get fined for a $1 bribe (which he claims was a joke) then certainly Jerome Boger should have to pay a price for this gesture, shouldn’t he?

Week 11 Blunders

In watching today’s games, I saw two calls in the Indianapolis/Baltimore game that were not called by John Parry‘s crew and impacted the game.

With 13 minutes left in the game, Flacco completed a pass, but was contacted by Mathis in the helmet, which should have added 15 yards to the end of the play. It was not called, although the pass was completed, it was not a major impact on the game.

Worse then this was the missed false start by the Ravens with under 3 minutes to go. The Ravens offensive line committed the false start, which wasn’t called, and on that play Flacco tossed an interception, virtually icing the game for the Colts.

Any other missed calls change games today?

NFL: Week 11 referee assignments

We’ve got 3 for the week already, Al Riveron in Dallas, Scott Green in Green Bay, and Jerome Boger on Monday Night.

Here’s the full list in progress.

What else can you find?

Week 11 – General Discussion

See anything fun this weekend?  Any horrible calls?  Discuss them here!

Week 11 – NFL Officials Game Assignments

As always, let’s figure out who is working each game this week.  Here’s the list we’ve got for week 11.