Week 3 referee assignments

Week 2 is just about over, so it’s time to start looking at the week 3 assignment list.

We’ve got a few of them in place already, so please post if you hear of more (and be sure to let us know how you know of them).  Thanks!


Week 3 discussion

The full list of refs for week 3 is filled out, so leave a comment if you see a noteworthy call.

Full referee listing for week 3

Here’s the full list of games for today and tomorrow.

If you see anything noteworthy, please discuss in the comments below!

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati – Gene Steratore
Washington at Detroit – Scott Green
Kansas City at Philadelphia – John Parry
Green Bay at St. Louis – Walt Coleman
San Francisco at Minnesota – Jerome Boger
Atlanta at New England – Al Riveron
NY Giants at Tampa Bay – Jeff Triplette
Cleveland at Baltimore – Terry McAulay
Jacksonville at Houston – Ron Winter
Chicago at Seattle – Don Carey
New Orleans at Buffalo – Walt Anderson
Denver at Oakland – Ed Hochuli
Tennessee at NY Jets – Mike Carey
Miami at San Diego – Bill Leavy
Indianapolis at Arizona – Pete Morelli

Carolina at Dallas – Tony Corrente

NFL: Week 3 referee assignments

We’ve got one of them listed so far (Mike Carey at the TEN/NYJ game), but we still need the rest of the assignments for week 3.  If you know of any, please let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!

Referee Schedule for Preseason: Week 3

The full ref schedule for this week is posted — get it here.

If you see any noteworthy/absurd calls, tell us in the comments below!

Week 3 – General Discussion

As you’re watching the games today, let us know if you see anything interesting with the refs.

Here is a page listing the refs for each game — pleave comments below to help us fill the rest out.