Cleveland is in trouble; their fans won’t be watching football anymore

The Browns really seemed to get hosed on a big call this weekend, but their fans are loud and many of them are apparently done with the NFL. Here are a few comments that were emailed to me:

The overturn of the 1st down for the Browns vs the Raiders was abhorrent. The officials were the only ones that got the call wrong. Disgusting! Cost the Browns the game. I’m sure that was the plan. Done watching this crappie league

I been watching football for years. After watching the blown calls in the Browns n Raiders game today. I see that the winner of every game depends on officials instead of talent. Your nfl official that’s on network even said it was a bad call but it decided the winner… Don’t like nfl anymore… horrible

I guess they’ll be soccer fans now? I don’t really know.

Most of the rest were far to vulgar to post here on the front page, but you can see them all on our Fan Complaints: Cleveland Browns archive.


That Dallas/Green Bay playoff game was so lopsided…

The refs were totally not fair and did all they could to help Green Bay win. Just ask these Dallas fans:

Rick McConville –
There are a few holding penalties in the same portion of the defensive backfield of cowboys on packer receivers not called. What action is taken to enhance the quality of the oversight of the game.


Wait, I mean they were trying to help Dallas win:

Claudio Avila –
When are the refs going to start calling the holding on the Dallas cowboys, they are doing this at will almost roping the packers jerseys off with no calls. Wake up refs.

No no no. The refs are definitely favoring Green Bay:

Edward Hart –
The regress in the dallas game are blind and for the green bay. They are not fair. The regress should all be thrown out.

Adrian Miller –
Worst lopsided officiating we’re NFL playoff game ever. Dallas could not buy a call with these lousy officials. Green Bay gets no flags entire first Half of the game and only one call the second half. Lousy ass and inference call on Dallas in fourth-quarter, specially after no call on Witten. There is no way you could convince me that these officials were not paid off. Again the officials end up screwing the Cowboys in the playoffs again, just the way the NFL league office wanted.

Err, no. They are favoring Dallas:

Mary Mani –
Your refs are missing a lot of calls for this game GB/Dallas. They need to get their crap together. Specially for a game of this caliber. Are they trying to fix the game so Dallas wins? COME ON.

Nope, they favored Green Bay. Ahh, that’s why they won.

robert hickmott –
that was a rip off with the cowboys on a roger pass he was out of bond you are a muh o cheat you should do a drug test on foger and the couch you all are a much of cheat

Judy Wyles –
The officiating for the Dallas/Green Bay game was horrendous and so one sided. I hope someone reviews this and fines them!!! So sad officials can decide a game of this magnitude!!!!!

Peggy Tinsley –
What the heck was that suspicious call on Brice Butler, Cowboys were not even in a huddle yet! No calls on green bay, they held about every play…. I saw all the refs chatting it up with greenbay yesterday. What’s up with that? ?

Karl Peterson –
I can’t believe the sorry excuse for officiating during the Cowboys vs Packers play off game!……with the technology that is available they shouldn’t be missing blatant calls for both teams and especially one that determined the outcome of the game. The inconsistency is astounding

As with most games, both sides get calls they aren’t happy with it. It happens.

Chris Stegenga will die for all of us — just not the referees

Despite clear info on our contact page, we still get a lot of people that fill out the form to complain. I’m working on a fun way to show you more of them, but I thought this one from Chris Stegenga ( was interesting. The Yahoo email address and grammatical errors are common in these kinds of rants, but he included lots of fun pieces for us!

>> You all f***ing suck when it comes to officiating. If your going to be referees and get paid do your fucking job correctly. Tonight’s game you don’t call a damn thing on Dallas yet Bryant legitimately grabbed his face mask then there offensive lineman have there hands all up in the Lions defense’s face.

The expected vulgarities. Classy. Obviously, the “you all” at the beginning is wildly misplaced. Also, *you’re, *their and *their.

>> Your a disgrace to this f***ing country as human beings and always think that after the game it’s ok to apologize for missed calls.

From a bad call to a “disgrace to this country”. Big leap! Also, *you’re.

>> This is your f***ing job I’m in the military if I did my job as half assed as you people would die so how about you do your jobs unbiased and fuck Goodell and what he says and who he wants in the playoffs.

I’m assuming half-assed doesn’t include reading a short sentence before venting…

Also, I’m not sure how this is showcasing an agenda in favor of the Cowboys — they’re already the top seed whether they win or lose.

>> Your all a bunch of f***ing losers who I wouldn’t even die for if this country would ever to be invaded.

This is awesome. Will he be willing to die for everyone else, and just not the officials? It’s hard to say. Also, *you’re.

I’m a Lions fan and hate when people represent them so poorly, but I just had to share these great thoughts from Chris with you.

The 2016 season is here!

The 2016 season is finally here, and week one is nearly complete.

What do you think of the job the refs are doing so far in this young season?

The refs are totally favoring the Patriots. Or the Broncos. Or something…

Know this — every fan feels like their team is the one getting hosed by the refs. I’ve never seen any solid evidence to show otherwise. Today is a mini-edition of “idiots that can’t read” (on our contact page) and have been telling me how awful “my” refs are. Not as bad as the insane Cowboys fans, but stupid nonetheless.

The refs are favoring the Patriots!

Ken Tewksbury –
It appears on the Denver /New England game you are obviously for New England. Do teams from the West have a chance with your system?

Jerry Simmons –
The refs for in this first game are terrible they must be for New England like always all the refs have been awful y’all year

The refs are favoring the Broncos!

Sergy Chebotarev –
I am really beginning to get upset over the bias that is always shown against the patriots. This is rediculous and needs to be corrected. Maybe I just won’t watch anymore.

Jody Smith –
Just watch the replay of the Patriots Broncos game and the horrible calls in the first quarter For example a push on the run back by amendola by number 87 of the Broncos And the no call on pass interference on Gronkowski. If you can’t call a game fairly then do everyone a favor and resign ! This was not even veiled you are a disgrace lets hope you all get better as the game on

C’mon. Just enjoy the games.

The 2015 NFL season kicks off this week!

The season is nearly upon us. Check out the 2015 page and we’ll be populating it with assignments as we learn them. If you hear of any that you can help with, please comment on that week and help us out. Enjoy the games!

Wow, Dallas has the worst fans ever

Every week we get emails through our contact page that should never be sent.  I intentionally have very little text on there, in the hopes that people will actually read it.  If you don’t want to click through, it says:

I am just one guy, and I’m not affiliated with the NFL.  Venting to me is pointless. If you choose to waste my time and vent anyhow, we reserve the right to publish your full email on the site, including your name and email address.

Pretty clear.

After the Lions-Cowboys game last week, I got a decent number of upset Lions fans that emailed me.  After the Dez Bryant no-catch today, though, wow!  Not only did I just get hundreds of emails from Cowboys fans that clearly can’t read, it’s at best a 50/50 call anyhow.  I tend to think it was a good call on a bad rule, but my opinion doesn’t matter; I’m just a dude watching the games.  The Lions got hosed, which most everyone can agree on, but the Dez call is more difficult.  Regardless, I have nothing to do with it.

I don’t know if this means Dallas has the worst fans, but they’re clearly not big on reading, don’t spell especially well, and love exclamation points.

That said, the “we reserve the right to publish…” part of that page has been up for a while now.  If people feel like flooding my inbox with insults, I’ll share them here for all to see.  Here is a small sub-set of what has come in so far. Feel free to write back to any of them and start up a friendly dialog. 🙂

Be advised, these emails are completely untouched, including foul language, so proceed as you see fit.


Bill Gloeckler –
I’m not a Packers fan but i now believe these games are fixed by the officials. I and all my friends will be sharing this on Facebook worldwide. I’m done with the payoffs you recieve

John Cannon –
The refs absolutely suck this year. They have ruined football. That Dez Bryant call was terrible.

RJ ware –
Yall mother fuckers are worthless. My bind grandmother makes better calls. Yall do not deserve to call professional games you sorry chick sucking mother fuckers

Martin Loewen –
Fucking call me you fucking pussy refs for overturning that dez Bryant catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 432-638-0656

later from Martin again…

Tell me to my face that dez Bryant didn’t catch that ball!!! I dare you!!!!
Martin Loewen
513 CR 201
Seminole, TX 79360

scott collins –
Y’all have ruined the game of football for me that was a catch by Bryant he clearly showed possession and elbow was down before ball come. Out I thank it was a touchdown me and my father are through watching football you officials have ruined the game for us we hate yalls. Guts

Brenda Schumacher –
Even the Dallas “haters” are so aware and calling you guys WHIMPS AND WEAK!! You buckled under last weeks horrible call against the lions so you thought you could redeem yourself against a Dallas and all you did – confirmed you are weak and have no business refereeing! Stupid call against Dez!! His knee was down and he had total control of the ball with one hand! Call the game correctly and stay out of the teams way to lose or win! You buckled under pressure of haters do in my eyes- I will never trust you until you turn it around and prove you can call a game justly. Worts call EVER!!

Joe Harrison –
As a retired referee, I just witnessed the worst playoff call I have ever seen. After the Dallas receivercaught the ball, he maintained control for three steps which demonstrates a legal reception. He again caught the ball placed two feet on the ground and continued to run. The ground cannot cause a fumble on a run. Was this call made for profit or just pure stupidity!!!!
Joe Harrison

Jacke Zannini –
That’s the worst call of all time taking the catch away from Bryant. Not a fan of either term but 2 bad calls against Dallas. The refs ruined the game & should be FIRED w/ no pension -and investigated. Totally changed the fair outcome of the game. Unacceptable & you should be ashshamed. Appears criminal!

Bruce Burnett –
I really think you need to find people who know the game before you have them referee a game like the Dallas vs Greenbay lots of BAD CALLS….. get with it or get out of the sport !

Montgomery Heathman –
The referees in the Dallas vs Green Bay are the most inept I have seen in 45 years of the NFL. The call on Dez Bryant’s catch in the fourth quarter was terrible. I’m launching an investigation to determine influences compromising the integrity of their actions on the field, including any possible financial gains possibly made by their officiating. They all should be fired.

tim pohs –
The officials in the playoffs this season are all blind as hell they don’t even deserve to work at the piggly wiggly my blind def mute grandmother can call games better than them

alina paradoa –
Which one of you made that lousy call at the Dallas-G game?
Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A blind man could have seen the catch better than you.
I don’t how much you get paid for doing what you do, but you should in all honesty quit or give your money back… Damn unbelievable.
Go ref at middle school games man, not even high school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brittany self –
I am highly concerned that y’all don’t know how to call a complete catch. Y’all screwed over the Cowboys against the packers in the playoffs 2015. Y’all should make it right towards football teams that y’all don’t like. Y’all have a lot of outraged fans this season. Y’all need to learn how to call the right plays or don’t be a refree at all. Thank-you

brian machado –
are you kidding me! Not only did Dez make great catch he had total enough control and presence of mine to extend arm with ball to end zone. Thanks for nothing u blinde f!

You do not belong with the rest of the competent refs., an embarrassment to your profession.

chris rake –
How is it even acceptable you will let a official dictate the outcome of a playoff game of this magnitude. I find it very unprofessional and unecceptable especially at this level and this far into the season (playoff game). The Dallas Cowboys in all fashion should have won this game. I am appalled, not to mention it takes away the integrity of the game. I am ashamed and I hope you can sleep at night. Who’s side were the refs on today???????

Brian Steelecoachbsteele@cox.met
You guys are trash Steratore is a piece of shit he fixed that game for Green Bay you can all go fuck yourselves you cheating pieces of shit


I’ll post more as they continue to come in…

The playoffs are here!

We’ve updated the referee assignments for wild card weekend (thanks to Ben at Football Zebras) so go check them out.  Enjoy the games!

Slowing down the crazy comments

We get it — people are passionate about football.  However, lately the comments have been getting a bit crazy.  We looked at a few options to get things under control and decided to simply use open registration to handle it.

We considered pre-moderating comments, but that can really stifle conversation if lots of time goes by before I have a chance to approve them.  On the other hand, we could have user registration process require moderation, but that becomes a lot of work as well.

As of now, you’ll need to be registered in order to comment but the registration is free and completely open.  We’ll see how it goes.  You can register here and get back to commenting!  If you have other thoughts on how it could be handled better, please let us know. Thanks!

The 2014 NFL season kicks off tomorrow

The new season begins tomorrow night, and we have a few of the week 1 assignments figured out.  If you know of any others, please leave a comment and let us know.  Enjoy the games!