The 2015 NFL season kicks off this week!

The season is nearly upon us. Check out the 2015 page and we’ll be populating it with assignments as we learn them. If you hear of any that you can help with, please comment on that week and help us out. Enjoy the games!

Slowing down the crazy comments

We get it — people are passionate about football.  However, lately the comments have been getting a bit crazy.  We looked at a few options to get things under control and decided to simply use open registration to handle it.

We considered pre-moderating comments, but that can really stifle conversation if lots of time goes by before I have a chance to approve them.  On the other hand, we could have user registration process require moderation, but that becomes a lot of work as well.

As of now, you’ll need to be registered in order to comment but the registration is free and completely open.  We’ll see how it goes.  You can register here and get back to commenting!  If you have other thoughts on how it could be handled better, please let us know. Thanks!

More fun thoughts from our readers

Wow, people are fired up today!  I’m still surprised at the amount of email that I get that tell me “you blew a call” or “you should be fired”.  Granted, it’s mostly from ignorant people that (apparently) can’t read well, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

For your entertainment, here are a few from today. As always, spelling errors are included (there are many of them), but some profanity has been censored out.

From Brendan, wondering how to go about paying off a ref:

How do I payoff a referee? It’s clear watching the jags chargers that Walt Coleman has been bought and I’d like to ensure that future calls are either handled fairly or in the favor of my team. What is the amount needed to secure equitable calls and who do I submit payment to?

From Vernon, who is no longer an NFL fan:

I am jus a person that enjoys football but every time I watch a team that is not good it seems the refs call for the better team constantly ….done withbad calls u havve lost me as a fan

From Steven:

The new England Patriots vs jets the last call was bs u guys need to look at these types of calls

From Gio, who wishes bad things for me:

You f###ing referees are terrible! Pieces of s###! Go kill yourselves

From Pete, who has found proof that the game is in the hands of the refs:

You guys really need to find honest qualified refs. the last call in the Patriots Jets game is bulls###! How much more was he paid? Just proves this is in the hands of a crooked official!

From Ethan, whose vocabulary primarily consists of words that start with “s”:

I would like to know exactly wtf you were thinking on the pats game on the 56 yard FG in ot by the jets. You must be retarded he didn’t do s###. Unsportsmanlike conduct!? r u sh###in me!!!!! This s### happens on every FG and you just hated the pats and didn’t want to call a fair game. YOu suck and go to h###!

From Ed, who wants me to feel shame:

Just finished watching the NFL ref’s win a game. Jets vs Patriots. You should be ashamed.

From Ryan, who agrees with Ed:

The refs in the Washington vs Chicago was the worst I’ve ever seen you all should be ashamed and fired

From Kurt, who has bigger parenting concerns than most of us:

U blew the game for the patriots who got hurt on the play? Noone let them play it out! My sons get bullied when the patriots lose, I’m going to have to keep them out of school for a week, u blew that game

Again, for the record, I don’t know any officials and I’m certainly not on the field for any games. Well, I was on the field today, but that was for my 10-year-old daughter’s soccer game. I had some issues with the officiating there as well, but I guess I need to get more riled up about it or something. 🙂

Some fun thoughts from our readers

Despite the text on our contact page saying otherwise, people chew me out a lot for “my” mistakes in football games.  To be clear, I’m a 37-year-old web developer that lives in Atlanta, married, with two kids.  I have no direct affiliation with anyone in any leagues.  This site is for fun and sharing information and most of you are great with sharing what you know.

That said, it’s amazing how many people think I’m responsible, either directly on the field (complaining about a bad call *I* made) or in a position of authority (complaining about *my* refs).  I typically just reply in humor, often blaming them for something they had nothing to do with either (like the weather or the government shutdown).

I find that those that get the most upset tend to:

  1. Have a very low education level, based on their excessive profanity and lack of decent grammar and spelling.
  2. Provide fake email addresses, which takes the fun out of it for me.

Here are a few I’ve received in the past few weeks. No text has been changed in the messages, other than filtering out some profanity.  Enjoy!

From Chris (or Mitch; he changed his name after a few messages):

You stole a game from us (arkansas) in 2009 now OCT 5 against Florida u made an absolute wrong call should have been fumble and arkansas ball but u cheated arkansas again u piece of s##t mother f##kers you need to be fired. I Hate You!!!!!!!!!!

:: We emailed back and forth a bit, but he’s still very confused and angry.  I kinda feel bad for him.

From Pat (or Trish?):

I would love to Vent but since you would like a topic –

“Unfair and Blatant BAD CALLs for the Raiders” This team has had more than it’s fair share of bad calls to give the other teams an unfair advantage year after year.

:: So they want to vent, realize it’s pointless, then vent anyhow.  Awesome.

From Vic:

your refs suck

:: I have my own refs now! Anybody need one?

From Daniel:

Why do the refs hate the bucs and penalize us on a foul that nevered happened and why is ot a no fun league and pu##y league

:: I had a witty reply for Daniel that tied into the refs being scared of the cannons going off if the Bucs score, but it went over his head.  Too bad.

From Paul:

How hard can it be to make the right call. Every game every week so many bad calls. You should review every call than you could see just how many bad ones you make. You really take the fun out of football when you refs decide the outcome.
Just get it right.

:: I probably do make a lot of bad calls every week, but they’re typically related to work or my family. It’d be cool if I could review them all and make corrections.  Anyone want to follow me around with a video camera?

From Michael:

Venting to me IS the point!
The NFL league and Refs need to understand they have created a Wussy man form of football that is destroying football as Americans know it. Refs need to keep that d##n yellow flag in their pocket except for flagrant fowls. But no! every time time a player sneezes on an opposing player they think they have to throw the flag! It has become disgusting, insulting and game destroying for fans. I am close to quit watching NFL games. Too bad none of you have a clue.

:: I often hear that I don’t have a clue, yet their email shows that they’re actually the ones without a clue.  Irony?

From Tom:

how is that not a fumble in the Jets game wow still looks like your cheating for a team that has killers and criminals on it

:: Excellent punctuation and spelling.  Also, I wasn’t on the field for that game.

From Richard:

Just as bad as baseball. You clowns are pathetic bastards. You are destroying sports because you blow calls nonstop. They need to just use instant replay and get rid of a bunch of useless bastards.

:: Interesting idea; no refs and 100% instant replay.  That would be some crazy long games.  Good for ad revenue, I suppose.  Also, apparently I’m a bastard.

From Thomas:

You fools cost Green Bay the ball game today! We will be filing a lawsuit against you and anyone affiliated with the NFL refs and will ensure the lead ref will not work again! We will publish his name all over online and embarrass the hell out of him. You can take this to the bank!

:: Thomas is going to sue me.  Unrelated, he sent this well-founded threat from a bogus email account.

From Brandon:

I am watching the fourth preseason 2013 of the rams. I beleive the head referee is the worst ref in history. He has called some bullshit plays and should not be a ref in the nfl. He has called every penalty against the rams and only one against ravens. He should call a fair game or go home. You suck and should retire. I would rather ref than have you in exsistence in the nfl.

:: I would LOVE to retire.  That would be so cool.  Anyone want to buy GreenMellen Media for like $10 million?

From Steve:

Your NFL refs suck so bad, even preseason. GO##MN AWFUL. Take a good long look at your PIT/ KC game Aug 24. GO##MN HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:: Complaining about the outcome of a preseason game is a major red flag of caring too much.  Also, see the 2008 Detroit Lions and their 4-0 preseason.  Those games really don’t mean much.

The season is young — I’ll share more as they continue to come in throughout the year. 🙂

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Week 10 Update

Hi all –

I have agreed to assist Mickey with updates for this website.  As my first major order of business, you will see that the list of 2011 crews has been updated to be current.  If you see any errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them.

We are just beginning the process of filling out the list for Week 10.  If you should come to learn of an assignment, please take the time to let us know.  If possible, include the source.


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