Shawn Hochuli

R 83 Shawn Hochuli
U 81 Roy Ellison
DJ 134 Ed Camp
LJ 98 Greg Bradley
FJ 97 Tom Hill
SJ 125 Chad Hill
BJ 39 Rich Martinez

Shawn was an NCAA offical and the son of NFL referee Ed Hochuli.


  1. Shawn Hochuli is in the Big 12. He has alos officiated in Arena & Arena 2(White Hat) Football.

  2. I guess none of you watched the game tape and have no clue what refs do. You should just stick to what you do and go on with your life.

  3. Has anyone else noticed how much Shawn Hochuli sounds like Kevin Costner???? Just sayin…

  4. I just watched Shawn officiate a crazy PAC12 game with 8 turnovers and a bunch of weird plays, and he did it with concise, well worded calls that no one debated. He looked like a chip off the old block.

  5. Too bad underneath the surface Shawn Hochuli is the biggest fake.
    Look up obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

  6. Shawn Hochuli is a bad person

  7. Shawn Hochuli is now a side judge in the NFL. He is no longer working in the NCAA.

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