Brad Allen

R 122 Brad Allen
U 71 Ruben Fowler
DJ 48 Jim Mello
LJ 40 Brian Bolinger
FJ 33 Steve Zimmer
SJ 1 Scott Novak
BJ 111 Terrence Miles


  1. Roger Mendez says

    You missed multiple calls and your judgement is very one sided. Richard Sherman recovered that fumble and then you guys just walk off the field an the benches clear with a minute left. You need to have your finances audited due to recent rampant nfl corruption.

  2. Alberto Ciccone says

    You, and most of your colleagues suck. Richard Sherman clearly had the ball on the fumble during the Rams vs. Seahawks game. Way to screw us on the game. The entire NFL Referee staff needs to be re-evaluated and possibly fired. You guys are blind.

  3. Not only missing Richard Sherman, he gave the rams a touch down. When you call for a fair catch it is curdious to stop, unlike ram players who run the clock and go for a touchdown. And having referees like brad allen who do not pay attention or follow the game or the NFL rules gave it to them. Most likely without a review for the catch. Neil Buie said “you could tell from the very beginning the first time that I ever saw bin work a game, he had something special.” Notice theword had, past tense. What ever it was it is gone. I know this is his first year and humans do make mistakes, but two big messed up calls in one game. No, he is suppose to have training to help him make the right call. I hope he learns from his mistakes, does not get paid, and has someone of authority yell at him. As for the Seahawks they need to get their act together, and pray that they never have brad allen as a referee ever again.

  4. I would like an explanation on why you guys aren’t up to date with the new rules? The fumble before 2 mins rule changed when the seahawks played the 9ers so PLEASE tell me why you guys didn’t give the Hawks the ball when CLEARLY Sherman got the ball. This is the pros and when you guys mess up this close to the playoffs, it makes a difference! I hope you sleep well tonight after not reviewing what would have been a game changer. The Hawks had that game but thanks to your mess up, we lost. YOU HAD ONE JOB.

  5. Zachary Clements says

    All this talk about the refs and I’m just wondering why percy didn’t play?

  6. Can you please post details about him?

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