Retired NCAA Referees

Referees in this section retired some time prior to the 2008 football season.


  1. Hello,

    Love the website! Do you have any information on retired NFL officials from the 70’s and 80’s like Ben Dreith, Fred Silva, and my all-time favorite referee, Bob Frederic? Thanks!

    • I worked for Bob Frederic for 12 years in Denver. He owned Colorado’s oldest printing Company. He was a great guy, he passed away a few years back.

  2. Silva and Frederic have passed away. Dreith is in his early 80s and is living a life if retirement. Dreith sued the league for age discrimination accusing the league of grading officials over the age of 60 more harshly than y0unger officials. Dreith won a cash settlement from the league. Silva and Jack Fette also sued the league on the same grounds and split a cash settlement.

    Dreith officiated two Super Bowls and Silva officiated one. Frederic never got the big game.

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