Robert Harris –

FYI GEORGE KITTLE of 49ers is flashing the white power sign. (Ok sign down with 3 fingers out. Cadets at Army Navy Game are being punished for the same. Just thought league needed to know. OBTW FALCON FAN AND WHITE

Howard Friedman –

You idiots missed a SO OBVIOUS holding in the end zone on julio jones, plus a great LEGAL sack on Jimmie G. Many other terrible calls against the Falcons. Great job DIMWITS! The ref’s decided the game, not the players. You guys are just awful. You stink! Can’t wait for replay on holding next year. The need for that shows just how INCAPABLE YOU ARE. Games are decided by bad calls not players. You suck!


Today’s game between the Falcons/Cardinals was horribly refereed. The call early in the game at the 1 yard line for the Cardinals was definitely a fumble (also called by the referee in the booth). The called 1st down in tg e 4th qt when the quarterback ran out of bounds was definitely at least 2 ft short of a 1st down. Both of these blown calls resulted in 14 points for the Cardinals. The Falcons punt in the 4th qt was wrongly called as catcher interference. The Falcons players pulled up short, just as the Cardinal player pulled up short. Pitiful refereeing during this game!