Sarah Thompson –

I just watched the Falcons play the Eagles. I want to know why the refs did not call that pass interference against the eagle. They clearly knock number 11 down before the ball got to him. And I seen it happen refs not call flags before. I watch like every game I know the rules I am a huge NFL fan. They are costing the games and something seriously need to be done about it. Cause they cost the Superbowl too and the refs came back after game and said that they made a mistake. Something needs to be done cause I am to the point I do not won’t to watch football anymore cause the refs are throwing the games.


John Robey –

Worst damn officiating in Panthers/ Falcons game. Don’t have a dog in the fight in this game but good god!!!!

Steven Hanson –

The falcons saints game was bullshit.
Obviously one sided in the officiating.
I demand something be done about the officials for this game.
Completely and officially one sided.

Dennis Eley –

You can’t beat the Saints and the refs!

Kevin Steverson –

I’m going to get straight to the point. Someone needs to look at every play if the Falcons-Saints game on Christmas Eve. The officiating is unexcusable. Period. Even the announcers are talking about it. There should be reprocusions. I will be watching to see what’s is done about it. If you do nothing…I will take it viral. I have access to millions..and millions of people on pages I manage. Plus I am a retired/disabled vet. I will post to those online communities, also. You think you have a PR problem now?? I will only be stating facts. As is my right.

Bart Collins –

The Falcons @ theSaints has been the most one-sided officiated game I have ever seen.

Matthew Wiseman –

The officials running the replay and on the field of the Atlanta falcons need to be fired due to poor calling and I am getting tired of all the bad calls by all officials. Officials should be fine for making bad calls as players are fined for some penalty’s.

Joe Gardner –

As a life long law enforcement officer I would like to say that I know we all make mistakes, but you guys have replay! So why did you steal the super bowl for New England? Was the pay that good? Anyone on the field level could have made that call and then not to go to replay on a call like that shows you were on new England’s side. at least you guys could come out admit your billons of dollar screw up. This is weird for me has I have always defended you guys, but here I see nothing but thieves who stole the super bowl.

Chase Ratliff –

Hello, I don’t understand why when the touchdown before overtime that it was called in. When he didn’t step his foot down. And the touchdown that patriots won the overtime. He wasn’t inside his knees hit the ground first. That’s pretty upsetting, his foot did not hit the ground. He was forced out. So thanks for ruining the Super Bowl 51

Logan Iacono –

I don’t think that was a right call and his knee was down before the ball hit the end zone. Check it to see it