Mona Dupleix –

Really, again look at Saints vs. Carolina game. Awful calls, need I say more! Do we have to do this again!

Brandon Hare –

You guys have to get better at refereeing to many bad calls by you guys especially in the packers games. You guys are like trying to make the packers win like that roughing the passer call on aaron rodgers was total bs everyone knows it you guys are way to overpaid cause you mess up on alot of shit your not worth what you guys are making

Steve Burnette –

I have a complaint about a horrible call yesterday in the Panthers-Packers game. Gerald McCoy was called for a ruffing-the-passer penalty in the Packers end-zone, and this was the WORST call I have ever seen and came at a time where, had the penalty not been called, the Panthers would have had great field position. If that was a correct call, the players should be wearing dresses and playing flag football. If the penalty had not been called, the Packers would have had to punt, and the Panthers could have, at the very least, got a field goal out of it.

Aaron Arrowood –

If I performed as poorly in my job function as the crew officiating the Green Bay Carolina game I wouldn’t have a job.

I don’t know the Head referees name, but every crew he is in charge of performs poorly. Terrible leadership, terrible crew! Why do I even bother watching these games??? Why even bother sending this because it’s not like there is any accountability!

Love the Ebonics language in the Green Bay Carolina game. The head referee is worse than Cam Newton


Will Gamble –

You all suck, Gerald McCoy for roughing the passer? That changed the entire game, you know that, the fans know it. Get your shit together. I know the rule change has you all in a mood but for fucks sake, make the tight call you idiots. We can all see it, why can’t you?

Bobby Miller –

Officiating at Packers/Panthers 11/10/19 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

John Bird –

Refs in Green Bay vs Carolina blatant calls in favor of Green Bay. Almost to point I won’t watch Green Bay anymore because I know refs will give game to them