curtis downs – CLDLAMLYMD@AOL.COM

How do you guys sleep at night. Steelers always get the call. whether it be a asst coach on the field, or reciever not catching ball in end zone? Where is the ownership of these calls?


John Robey –

Worst damn officiating in Panthers/ Falcons game. Don’t have a dog in the fight in this game but good god!!!!

Nancy Fonder –

Explain to me why Thomas Davis, Sr. was not ejected from the game for the illegal head butt
on Green Bay Packers Adam. Adams had to leave the game due to concussion protocol, but Davis was allowed to stay in the game!
So, so wrong!!!!

William Stolp –

How the hell can you say your not biased when you have Carolina who came into the game with only 4 penalties coming into today game and then Detroit who lead the league with penalties give Carolina 10 to 1 for Detroit. Really? Really? Review the tape to clowns.

William Kiss –

I wish the dam nfl refs would get hit. I think the players should accidentally run into and take out a ref so they can see how cam newton feels. And then flag him your reds either blind or stupid or both.