Thomas Oxendine –

Bears and Packers game was over on #84’s smash TO play in the 1st Quarter. Officials got it wrong! Sad!!

Robert Kalina –

How about once you have officials call a fair game! Officials cost the bears today! It’s a disgrace that you let this kinda bullshit happen! They get paid to do a job they need to do it! Not be seen smooching up to Rodgers before the game on national tv! Game was already decided! Disgrace

John Gomez –

Call pass interference on Zach ertz when he pushed off against the bears

Barbara Mucklo –

Watching the Saints Bears game, the officials are going for the saints. Twice the Bears “fumbled “ the balls the officials Called it a fumble when it was perfectly clear the the bear player was down on the ground when the ball came loose. THATS NOT A FUMBLE!