J P –

The Bears /Giants game might have been worst erred fed game in nfl this season. Cheers to commentator Mike Davis for calling out 5 missed calls by refs that would favored Bears. How can I become an NFL ref so that these calls get made?
Ridiculous that the commentator AND network finds 5 missed calls AND THEY SHOWED THE REPLAY FOOTAGE TO VERIFY. .yall are garbage


Alex Johnson –

Hey my name is alex I was watching the bears game and the refs called a very bad roughing the passer call when our defender barely touched him this can’t keep going on because it’s looseing other teams games. Sincerely Alex

James Swann –

Can someone do something about the Packers getting away with holding every single pass play?

John Reichenberger –

Hi, I am still trying to figure the non touchdown call in the Chicago Bears vs. New Orleans Saints game last Sunday. I’ve watched the play over and over in ultra slow motion and the ball NEVER hit the ground. Obviously it’s a touchdown and the officals made a poor call. Just admit your mistake. Attempting to justify this call has made NFL officials seem stupid.

Ray Krawiec –

Shove your analogy of the catch by the Bear TE up your ass .You shouldn’t be the second in command of officiating in a league such as the NFL. That was a catch , retired officials knew it is a catch , the Saint players know it was a catch. Everyone who saw the play knows it was a catch. The only ones who don’t are you , that blind ass ref that called no catch the ass who is the head of the NFL and anyone with no sight. Go shit in you hand and go back to officiating soccer, twiddle winks , tic tac toe or what ever shit bag league you refer. He had the ball and it never touched the ground. You took away a win by being a no nothing chump
Raymond Krawiec
Joliet Il

P.S. the game is about the teams not you striped shirt wearing prime donnas !!!


Players and Fans backed you blind assholes when you were on strike and the way you all call games is how we are rewarded ?
Half of you guys shouldn’t officiate a pee wee league game. And Alberto try telling the truth not what the league tells you to say so they can save face . Bunch of shit bag phonies.
Raymond Krawiec

Nathaniel Robinson –

Hey NFL,

Can you guys please explain to us what the heck a catch is? Zach Miller’s catch in the endzone when he got hurt should have been a touchdown. Why overturn it? He had possession of the ball, two feet in, and held on to it until he got the signal. And the officiating this year for the Bears has been horrible. I feel like its been Bears vs Refs every single game. Can you please clean that up? The Bears are an NFL team, too. It doesn’t mean you have to call everything against them when they’re playing a top tier team. Just call it a fair game.

-A loyal NFL fan.

Bryan Tyer-Witek –

In the Chicago vs New Orleans game on October 29, 2017. Zack Miller made a great catch which was overturned because the ball hit the ground supposedly. However no one at home or in the stands or in the announcers booth saw this. Please show the convincing evidence to overturn this call. I saw him control the ball and survived the fall. The play was over when he let the ball down. It looked like you literally changed the out come of this game with you his call and the fumble that was also incorrectly overturned.

Thank you. I know you have a tough job but those calls were wrong and costly ones.

Just a fan trying to understand the worst call I’ve ever seen besides that 10 second run off rule that took the game away from Detroit.


Pat Simmons –

Ugh , 3’d try. Just like bears v nola today. Us bears fans are calling for immediate suspension and ibvestigation into tge crew that officiated ( & i use that term loosly.)
Not only did miller make a successful td but his leg was severly injured in the process. Even the fox crew in the booth knew it was a “ catch.”
That ball ONLY touched the turf after tge play of td was called, and despite a secere ibjury to his keg.
So again, we demand the immediate suspension of this crew until the investigation is complete!

Tom Finger –

Every official involved in the worst call in HISTORY needs to be fired. The Trubisky to Miller touchdown overturn was absolutely absurd… so bad it’s beyond comprehension!!!!!

Steve Newman –

Bears Saints game. The entire United States saw the Zack Miller touch down catch. Every announcer felt it was a catch. What a failure call. Shifted the momentum, affected the game. I turned the tv off, won’t support the nfl. Small nfl letter for poor product.