William Winter – bmiage@aol.com

I’m done the refs continue to make farce calls it gets worse every year and I see no ref fines or suspensions despite instant replay they still cant call a game right al la saints ghost pass interference call and today browns game a completed pass receiver hits ground on his back and they call it a fumble after a defender grabs it while receiver Leary in his back how do they miss this and have no fines or suspensions I’m done call whatever they want now make up own rules

Referring to Bengals browns wherexreciever catches ball clearly back hits ground announcers say incomplete pass no football move and 2cfeet down wow then why have I for years seen diving catches that are completions where are those 2 feet down Cleary they have no clue and I never see fines or suspensions for this crap no excuse with instant replay I’m donr call what they want you lost this fan

Allan Kerr – allanrkerr@gmail.com

I am not a fan of either team, Bengals or Steelers on Monday night football but I’m appalled at the offensive pass interference call then confirmation of it from wherever?? pretty much confirms my lack of trust in your having a clue.. been watching & playing for around 65 or so years but that’s not football & makes the game about the refs, not the game.. get over yourselves!!