William Winter – bmiage@aol.com

I’m done the refs continue to make farce calls it gets worse every year and I see no ref fines or suspensions despite instant replay they still cant call a game right al la saints ghost pass interference call and today browns game a completed pass receiver hits ground on his back and they call it a fumble after a defender grabs it while receiver Leary in his back how do they miss this and have no fines or suspensions I’m done call whatever they want now make up own rules

Referring to Bengals browns wherexreciever catches ball clearly back hits ground announcers say incomplete pass no football move and 2cfeet down wow then why have I for years seen diving catches that are completions where are those 2 feet down Cleary they have no clue and I never see fines or suspensions for this crap no excuse with instant replay I’m donr call what they want you lost this fan

Jason Jordan – Jordanss1488@gmail.com

Its ok for mason rudolph to kick miles garrett in the groin and grabbing and twisting miles garrett’s helmet then also punching him ???????????

Kay Malm – kmzy21@paulbunyan.net

Every time I see the Patriots play, I see uncalled flags against them. This goes way back to every Super Bowl they played. It seems like the refs pick whom they want to win and call the games their way – all teams.

Angela Visas – apvisas60@gmail.com

How much is Belichick and Jerry Jones paying you guys to help their teams win? You screwed over Cleveland and you always make sure Dallas doesn’t get any penalties. You guys suck. By the way, offensive pass interference should be nonexistent. Apparently, you guys don’t know what it is. STOP CALLING OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!

Khris Klein – khrisklein@yahoo.com

We got six or so minutes left in the Cleveland New England game. Cleveland makes a great play And you disgusting referees called push off on the offense. For years and years and years we watch disgusting push off by New England. The push her off in this moment of play was nothing absolutely nothing it was a no call. Your referees have such a bias in the disgusting attitude towards promoting New England continuously it is so obvious and an insult to a real football spectator. I don’t care what you think that was not and push off by the offense. And that was a great momentum destroyer for the Browns. A team that’s coming up and plays great football. I sincerely hope you go back and monitor your people and review things like this in a professionalManner and stop being so disgustingly biased

stephen dodson – stephendodson26@yahoo.com

the nfl refs are a very bad joke!!!!!!! today especialy todays game between the cleveland browns and the seattle seahawks the refs gave the game to the seahawks makes me want to stop watching football all together. the dallas game between the new york jets is the same, i think these games are controlled by money to the refs

Randy Ellis – vrddl@hotmail.com

The cleveland vs seattle football game was the worst officiated game that I have ever seen.I have been watching football for 55 years and never seen it this,bad. The officials can determine the outccome,of every game. No wonder fans do not want to go to games let alone watch them on tv. The fans deserve better. The players deserve better. Sad day for football.

Paul rini – pgsrin@aol.com

today in the browns game against the seahawks, there was a call against Jarvis Landry for a blind side block. Please explain that call. He was looking right and the the guy he was blocking and they called a blind side block and is was a huge call in the game. Please explain the rational for that call. I played football and I am at a loss as to how this was a penalty. The game as I have known it has become a joke. Please let me know how that block is now a penalty.

Geoffrey Cody – Geoffcody14@gmail.com

Do to your weekly embarrassment to the profession I will no longer be able to watch an NFL game. The latest call in the Cleveland Seattle game on Jarvis Landry for a blindsided defenseless block was the nail in the coffin. You all are a joke and have ruined the sport.

Lora Potter – lora_pttr@yahoo.com

Your refs for the Browns and Seahawks game are the sorriest fucking refs in the NFL. Fix this BullShit!!