Brandon Cook –

Tripping call ? I think that ref needs to go in for his physical and why he is at it get his eyes checked . What a hellacious set of calls completely and utterly disappointed . I’m switching to hockey what a joke

Chris Prater –

While watching the Cowboys at the Patriots twice the Cowboys were changed with tripping during the replay it was OBVIOUS there was no tripping. This is unacceptable. I am letting everyone I know why watch when there is not fair play.

Mike Clifford –

The Patriots and Cowboys game, there were 2 penalties on Cowboys for tripping, when they showed the replay the 2 calls in my opinion were bullshit calls. If the referees can provide that type of calls and have it reflect on the outcome of the game they should fire the referees and have Roger Goodell investigate the referees for misconduct and providing the Patriots with a win that they don’t deserve.

David Stecklair –

Once again two phantom calls in the Dallas, New England game. Non existent tripping calls. It always seems to lead to a major impact on the game that leaves you feel that there is no integrity to the game. Disappointed at wasting three hours as a fan, when even your announcers can see there was no foul, Not going to waste my time going forward on a flawed product,

Robert Myers –

How can the NFL allow refs like those to control games like the completed Dallas New England game. Are the refs paid under the table by New England. Those refs are terrible and should be fired. I have never seem more horrible calls. Those refs literally gave that game to New England with two non existant tripping calls and marginal holding calls against Dallas. I am not even a fan of either team and just watching that horrific ref display that ruined a competitive game.

Something needs to done this stuff. Every call should be these clowns make should have the option to be challenged.

It is ruining the fan experience.

I had to post. I was mortified by what I watched.

Thank you

Lanny Covey –

It is hard enough to win against the Patriots without having the fucking refs cheating for them. That tripping call against the Cowboys in the 4th quarter was bogus and the ref who called it is a full blown asshole, son of a BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wayne Keating –

On the Cowboy / Patriots game, that tripping call towards the end of the game was totally a bad call. How does the league let the referees get away with that bad a call.. There was no tripping. That referee should be fired. He falls down and they call tripping????? That is just crooked.

Dacardo King –

I’m done with the NFL and the poor officiating. The Dallas Cowboy and New England game on 11/24/19. A bad call by the official played a crucial part in the Dallas Cowboys losing the game. I’m sick and tired of it. I never speak out, but that call was terrible and cost my team the game.

Louis Cathcart –

What what what what you guys must be paid off I’m watching the Eagles Cowboys game and some of the calls that are being called I’m not Falls you people must be I’m telling you must be being paid off and I’m sick of looking at it it makes me sick stop doing things right or quit

Daniel Cruz –

Your refs during cowboy packer game are the most corrupted refs around and the league is run by las Vegas