Ashley Klouda –

What do we have to do in order to be able to snap and throw after the play clock runs out too?? Asking on behalf of the Denver Broncos franchise…


Charlie Fellers –

There was a delay of game during the broncos Monday night game there was at least a second 1/2 after the play clock hit 0 and he still ran the play and was not flagged for delay of game I want a good reasoning if it’s not delay of game or the ref to publicly say he didn’t call delay of game even though it was.

Jonathan Kozac –

You are all fucking idiots!!! Watching KC and DEN. And KC snaps the ball at 0 and the refs don’t make the call??? You are all fucking idiots!!!

please fix the issue there was two missed easy calls in the denver chiefs game. I am highly disappointed in the refs this year. the refs are the ones deciding who wins and loses each game. last I understood when the play clock hits zero it is a delay of game, or when both players have the ball it goes to the offense. this is the third week denver got robbed of the game. you all are going to lose alot of fans including me if you so not fix the issue.

Ingrid Mobley –

Pretty bad when the referees can’t tell the difference between the number one and the zero on the time clock. The Kansas City Chiefs made a play on zero. Tsk Tsk Tsk

Joe DAgosa –

Walt Coleman for years now you and your crew are the worst of the NFL. Today’s calls at the Denver Oakland game were beyond imaginable. You need to be fired. Your leadership and decision making is incomprehensible. You are a cancer to the league hidden in your cocoon.

scott bissitt –

I was just watching the sunday night football game between the broncos and the giants. I have been a long time supporter of professional football. , however from what i was watching about tonights game , with the refs not calling CLEAR facemasks, which the giants were doing , and blatently late hits , on down players , it is my sad announcement that i will no longer be supporting the nfl!!!! I was watching the broncos play BEFORE Elway, and am so pissed off at what it has become, with the referees , making bad calls back and forth so blatently in front of the ones who PAY the wages of the owners., and players. Soon their wont be any fans left!! Already i have seen fan after fan where i live starting too burn their teams jerseys,. These players get God awful amounts of money, and wont honor their nations flag!!! Many people are hungry, and need help , and heres these players griping on the air!!! Oh yeah and another thing:: what is up with the announcers clear BIASED statements about the visiting team instead of honoring the HOME team!! U am fed up with the BS! You lost another fan and the money i would have spent on the NFLs equipment!!! Good Bye!

Nate Hall –

Broncos game, 4th quarter Miller unsportsman like conduct. That was ridiculous that ref needs to be fired

Gregory Wilson –

You know the Denver Broncos Before When John Elay was playing in 1996 They won the Supper Bowl in 1998. Now Get To Know Peyton Manning Why didn’t you call the previous field Goal for Denver Broncos? Gregory Wilson

Why did you call holding on the Denver Broncos? I didn’t see any action taking place now You need to call it on both sides.

Can I challenge the field goal for a flag? The Denver Broncos were supposed to Sack the Quaterback

No Call on the Huge Hit on Wes Welker?

Can you make this game go into Overtime? I want to see my team win I also would like a call on That huge hit on Wes Walker Please

I’m sorry if I emailed you again I just would like to have Peyton Manning say Good Night to me Can you please all arrange that for me?

Todd Frickell –

Broncos vs Chiefs. First TD. #87 red. Not allowing defense to disengage. Holding. Missed more to come.

2nd quarter. Call for illegal contact. Quarterback was not out of the pocket. How much is Vegas paying you all??

Hit against Webster was a blind side hit. Why no call??