Joseph Paparella –

Can’t Believe Clete Blakeman got to ref a playoff game – oh wait it was in Green Bay

Lions fans won’t forget. Seems crazy that you can’t find better nor how you reward a ref that officiated the Lions-Packers game from October.

Darrell Hislope –

It’s pretty fucking sad how you rotten mother fuckers forced the Detroit Lions to lose to KC but you don’t do that to Green Bay. It’s no wonder they put that billboard up in Detroit

Turner Burley –

I love football and I will watch it as long as it seems to be fair! Here in Detroit finally we have a football team after Decades of waiting on one and then we lose by having the referee actually take the game in the last 2 minutes make a man don’t want to watch it no more feeling that is rigged or something! I don’t know what to tell you to do but I hope you get something done a lawyer Detroit Lions fan

Daniel Evitts –

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers MNF last night. Do I really need to say more? Absolutely an embarrassment for the entire NFL referee group. I cannot understand how a group of supposed highest level referees could make so many just plain calls and no calls in one game, especially a MNF game. Something needs to be done to remove the possibility of this continuing to occur. I tune in to watch football teams not referees decide the game. The NFL has plenty of resources to get the right referees. Get rid of the bad and fix the game. It’s really beginning to suck.

Urania Fung –

I hate watching football that is officiated unfairly, no matter who is winning. Over time, I have begun to avoid watching games involving the Green Bay Packers because the refereeing often favors them unfairly. The unfairness needs to stop. Biased referees need to be fired.

garry mathis –

when are you people going to stop screwing up football games.The calls against detroit where clearly shown as no penalties.Are you fixing games or are your refs brain dead and blind.Your refs are screwing up teams chances of winning.I would like to give some of your refs an attitude adjustment

Rodney Scott –

I would like to know if the referee that miscalled the holding twice on the Lions number 90 in last night Monday night football is the same referee that did not call the blatant pass interference in the Saints / Rams playoff last year.

Someone needs to look at the bank accounts of these referees as it looks to me they are being paid off

Ms. Deborah Fagan –

👍 Great officiating. What ever upset 😡 you created out of nothing.
I suspect they called a tightly officiated game with Detroit and Packers.
You’re the “Aficionado”.
Now turn the Squawk of the Hawk into a peep from the cheep.
Go BJ. (That’s all I know).
Apreciatively Debbie

darrell battes –

the calls in the lions, packers game last night were terrible. send them back to school!

Judi Ecker –

I am so disgusted with the the poor calls regarding the Packers and the Lions Monday night game. It’s hard to defend those calls as honest mistakes. Calls displayed against the Lions were deliberate.. I am sorry you now fit in a category along with the lies, dishonesty and divisions going on in the world today. Fake ref pac ! Can’t watch your games anymore. Review your mistakes.. How can you do this to any team,