Steve Schwager –

I am 71 years old and a life long lions fan. You have a bias against Detroit. Review the film of today’s game. Another picked-up flag. No end zone pass interference. The defensive lineman was pulled down and one of your idiots calls roughing. There was an egregious hold on the next play! No call. U r a joke and a disgrace just like the NCAA. Of course u have heard what really is not a joke. Your organization is the Lion’s greatest rivalry. I wish nothing but bad things for everyone of u assholes!


Timothy Becker –

What is does the NFL or the Ref have it out to hold the lions back bad call gave stopped the Lions for years now .

William Mackey –

I watch the Detroit Lions every week , and every week their offensive line is penalized for holding and hands to the face. Some of the calls are correct, some of the calls are very weak.But what I don’t get is their opponents do the same thing week in and week out, yet they don’t get called for it. Why is that? Is there some directive given to only call the Lions for these infractions?

Stanley Lambert –

I think the ref for the lions vs cowboys game need to be fired for all the blown calls against the cowboys that game that ref has had it in for the lions sense he has been a ref and you guys keep letting him get away with it that is bull crap I think the lions should sue you guys for this I can be a better ref than anybody you guys got that won’t cheat because they are paid off to screw certain teams especially the lions

Kenneth Clark –

2 horrible calls in just the first half, protecting your dallas cowboys. Refs will have a huge outcome on this game. Oh by the way it’s not college rules. Cheap cheaters!

You all must work for jerry jones. Calling a slanted game in favor of the cowgirls. Killing the game!


Check out the tying TD in the Lions/Bucs game today… they missed the illegal receiver (#66)..he was covered up by the tight end!

Jeffrey Wagner –

Wow! What a finish to the Lions game! Unfortunately NFL ref fucked it up. You never overturn a on field refs call. Anyway, Fuck NFL refs, you don’t like Detroit , again fuck you NFL

Jean Orlando –

You guys actually suck to get the money you make to do your job. Haha. You already have money up your ass so you dont care what fans go thru listeing to your stupid calls then you say Golen Tates touchdown was overturned what a bunch of BS . how much did the NFL pay you to have TD overturned. Im a woman and this BS i need a reply

Sebastian Slusne –

You guys are the worst for what you guys called at the lions game you should go to school you suck

Austin Koch –

I would like to talk about the Sunday September 24th against the Detroit Lions and Atlanta Falcons I just want to talk about when it was in the 4th quarter with a couple of minutes to go and there was a flag against Marvin Jones when he was going up for the pass that he did nothing to the defender it was a b******* call and made the Lions lose f*** all you refs. Give the Detroit Lions some credit come on man the Lions haven’t been close to the Super Bowl in 52 years and now you giving them bad calls all this s*** f*** off I would like to sue all of the damn refs out there who made a bad call against the Detroit Lions.


But did you see the terrible call that was a offensive pass interference and Marvin Jones when he did nothing not even touch the guy.