Randy Parrish – parrishrandy56@yahoo.com

Tell refs to call could both ways second half of Texans\Chiefs game!!Blatant pass interference call missed against Texans and Mahomes was definitely last the line of scrimmage!!Morons!!!!

Where’s my answer???

Allan Apotheker – aapotheker@gmail.com

Well I’m watching the Houston Baltimore game. Just saw a no call on Hopkins in the end zone. I understand the Ref May have missed the call but it was really clear. The the NFL upholds the call. My question is who’s betting on the game at NFL head quarters. Some smells rotten in New York. Just saying.

Bong Nguyen – Bong8472@att.net

Your guy pay to ref houston vs colt or look up for white state fan ,texan lost game not because we not good because ref control the game