Mike Riddle –

I am disappointed these Days, trying to “Enjoy” watching NFL Games, Week in, and Week out, the “Bad” Officiating, that I have seen, during this 2018 Season. I’m watching a Wild Card Playoff Game between Houston & Indianapolis, and the “Missed Calls” that I counted alone, are “Atrocious !!” One particular that cost Houston a Sack, and ended up turning the Ball over on downs. The DE for Indy “Grabbed, & Hung” onto Deshawn Watson’s Face Mask, and America saw it, but none of the Officials saw it !! No, I believe they saw it, but didn’t call it. Every “Flag” thrown in the 1st Half, has been “One Sided” Favoring Indy. This is “Unacceptable, and Criminal” There is a lot of Money riding on these Games, and when “Bad Officiating” controls a Games Outcome, Criminal Charges need to be brought up !! I’m a Longtime NFL Fan, going back to 1968, when I went to my First NFL Game. Officiating was Great up to 10 years ago. Now it’s “Horrendous !!” Also, these B.S. Rules that You coming up with is “Ruining” the Game of Football.
I was a Texas High School Football Official (1992-2004) I also worked Little League Football Games, every Saturday morning. I made it a “Golden Rule” that No Game would be decided by Me, or My Crews Calls. I admit, the Game is “Fast” and we do not see Everything, but what I have seen watching NFL Crews Working Sunday Games, “Miss A lot of Call” even when it happens right in front of them !! That is Totally Unacceptable !! I’ve sent a Letters to the NFL Commissioner, and NFL Operations Management.


Luis Valle –

And the Patriots versus Texans why did the referees called a touchdown and clearly you could see it was not a touchdown for the Patriots and every call that was made was always against the Texans never against the Patriots and the play was reviewed and it still said it was a touchdown thank you and have a good day

Randy D –

How much did they pay y’all to fix the Raider vs Texans game? Second worse officiated game I have seen. Enough to make me quit watching football after 45 years. The wealthy Vegas oddsmakers and NFL elite wanted a Mexico favored Raider win and you guys gave it to them true to form.

Brian Stork –

What is the issue here? Called De-Hop out of bounds and he was Not! There was a first done that that was called short. Gobfuck your self.

Those refs go fuck your self…..

Andrew King –

How much did the raiders pay the refs to give them every call as in calling back our touchdown and denying us two first down plays back to back