David Garcia –

Fournette ejected during the 4th quarter of a tie game after getting robbed be Pitt last week. NFL is so fixed. Wrestling has more credibility


Love the illegal contact penalty. That’s how the NFL can fix games. Andrew Luck gets sacked but a flag in the secondary. What a joke


Late hit on Andrew Luck after he didn’t get the first down. Hahahahahahaha. Fixed



The rules on hitting receivers are balantly bias. Jaguar game receiver jumps up catches the ball theonly defender comes over tackles the man you call a penalty. Just change the rules if the receiver is down field let him go and score a touchdown otherwise you get a penalty. I played the game through college and coached at both HS and College. I don’t recognize this sport now.You are pandering to the fantasy bettors and the offense

David Garcia –

After today’s horrendous officiating today in the game between Jaguars and Steelers, will the entire officiating crew from that game be fired? I hope so. D

Kay Graham –

Are the referees paid bonus to help the Patriots win all the time? There were 5 bad calls with Jaguar game, they would of won otherwise Brady was not on his game and you helped him win anyway. Shouldn’t there be someone to rule on their bad calls, these were quite obvious. !!!!Grrrrrrrrrrr For heavens sake call the super bowl fairly please.

M Williams –

Please review the “comradery” the referee had with the Patriots during the AFC game against the Jaguars 1/21/18. Please review the footage. The Ref belongs in the stands NOT on the field.
He’s obviously not neutral and that’s is NOT his Job and NOT what he gets paid for.
I have footage and photos if needed. He needs to find another occupation.

Pat Shearer –

Officiating in any Patriots game is down right disgusting. How in the hell can you continue to defend your actions? You should all be fined for your actions. You have to make calls on both sides! You literally gave them the super bowl last year. Have you no shame?

Sandra roberie –

Watching the game between Jacksonville and Pittsburgh. Cant believe the refs on the touchdown just made by the defense for Jacksonville. Defense never get to score. You think putting your arm out is taunting: How stupid are you all. Taunting is like when you put your fingers in your ears, stick your tongue out and say na, na, na. Please lets be adults.

David Gardner –

I feel like I don’t need to go into the details of this because the results the last two weeks speak volumes (3 if you’re including the Ramsey “EJECTION” for doing what every DB does on every play), but what is the deal with the lopsided officiating in relation to the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you want details on the matter check any “unbiased” article or report on the last 3 games the Jags have played and how awful the calls have been. Can you please give me an explanation to this and what is being done to correct this? Fortunately the Jags are a resilient team this year and have still WON despite the horrid officiating. And can you also answer how a team that is 0-10 in horrible weather doesn’t commit a single penalty??? (I’m referring to the Browns if you need help)…just would like an explanation for the league for my two questions. Thanks!