Phyllis Wessells –

I’m watching the games today. As much as I like the Saints, I don’t like the noise as a tool to shut down a team. My big problem, I saw a Saints, #76, do a late hit on a Rams player, BUT it was not called!?! I saw a helmet hit that was not called!!!
Here again, it looks like the referees call in favor of the most popular team. So that means that the Patriots and Brady will get calls in their favor, AGAIN!?! Can we please see a clean game?


Ronnie Hamilton –

One of the saints players we’re holding Robert woods and the referee said it wasn’t an hold when it was a hold they are cheating like hell they want the saints to win

Lloyd Denny –

hi.for the most part your refs do a great job of officiating games as fans we don’t realize how tough that job really is.but,as I have been a fan of the NFL for over 50 years have noticed something in games my favorite team plays and it seems to be bias on the refs part especially this year.Aaron Donald #99 d-lineman gets held on almost every play and gets ZERO calls.they look the other way but have no problem calling holding on the Rams linemen.who supervises the NFL REFS? do they just have a blank check to call games against players they don’t like or are jealous of? yesterdays game against Seattle was another example.actually,on a intentional grounding call that wasn’t called Donald scooped up the ball and was pummeled OUT OF BOUNDS and no call was forthcoming until Donald retaliated.why the hatred for this man by refs? is there no oversight?

Jason Bucklen –

Geez just make the fucking game 2 hand tag! These roughing the passer flags are a joke! How are the guys suppose to tackle? Nobody watches the game to see the fat ass refs show their fat ugly face! You think the NFL is losing viewers now just wait when you keep calling these stupid ass flags! My 2 year old nephew can make better calls than these fat ass refs can!

Gomar Kuhl –

I have seen two. . .. yes “two” games that the ’49ers have “WON”. . . directly caused or “created” by the refs. . . First: KC/49ers . . . When the 49er quarterback, ran out of bounds on 3rd down, and he clearly was at least “one” yard short. Not one foot, but one yard short, and they spotted it “one” yard over the 1st down marker. What was truly amazing to me, was on the red flag replay. .. . the booth ref confirmed the spot, with thousands at the stadium, and possibly millons watching on TV. . . clearly saw the replay seven times, and seven times he (qrtrbk) wasn’t even close. . .. ????? How could the booth ref possibly “not” see this. ??? Very blatant “GiveMe” right there… Also, instead of 4th/1yd, which they would have to punt back to KC when they were ahead 2 TD’s, close to the half, the 49ers went in for the score. Call in my opinion, the “game-changer”. Second: Monday night football 49ers/STL. On the “HOLDING CALL” on STL, after a 46yd play, while they were 2 TD’s ahead, and moving toward another score before the half, and probably would have run out the time in the least event, instead, had to punt, gave the 49ers chance to score just before half time and went in 14 – 10 instead of possibly 21 – 3, because of a “HOLDING CALL”. . . which upon replay, drew several comments from the TV commentators “worst call I’ve seen in yrs”. .. . Result. .. . .??? Game Changer Call. .. So. . do the 49ers bring “Their Own” refs to their games. .. . from this person, it certainly looks like it. And “BOOTH” refs also. . .. . It’s a terrible thing to have such biased and “lousy” calls, that always seems to be slanted toward the 49ers advantage.. . .. .. Get With It Refs. .. . call it right. Every Time.