John Metcalf –

Watching the New England and Houston game. I just watched 1 min run off the clock in the 4th quarter with 6 mins left. Horrible to watch. And then commercials! Come one. Tennessee should be penalized for this for delay of game or game misconduct!

David Reardon –

The referees are totally determining who wins and who loses big games in the NFL one in particular was the blown calls against the patriots where they definitely would’ve won if the refs had not blown three calls just totally sickening.
Something needs to be done you think that the NFL would’ve taken note after the Saints got robbed out of going to the Super Bowl

Brad Tofias –

Jerome Boegarts and his crew suck. They single handey cost the patriots game. They suck like all refs. Boegarts and his crew should be suspended indefinitely. They got more calls wrong than right and then the crew through at least 5 flags and then said there was no penalty. They are free kin idiots. Teach them the rule book. i hate and despise refs.

Bruce Silva –

The officiating of the Patriots – Kansas City on Sunday, December 8th, was one of the worst officiated games I have experienced. To the officials, NEVER blow a play dead. Lastly, if the end zone catch was reviewed, who in heavens was responsible for that blunder? The crew should be kept out of any playoff games and the Super Bowl. AWFUL.

Richard Gagnon –

I am writing to demand the immediate firing of Jerome Boger’s entire officiating crew. Their performance in the Patriots/Chiefs game on 12-8-19 was beyond horrendous. This can’t happen, not if the NFL wants to be a credible league. Never saw so many blown calls, obvious calls, in a single game in my entire life. The NFL officials have become a laughingstock. I challenge Al Riveron to watch a replay of this game…if he does and is fair he will fire these incompetent fools like Jerome Boger and the rest of crew of clowns!! Goodbye NFL…you just lost another customer

Ken T. –

Californian here, who watched the Kansas City Chiefs – N.E. Patriots game today. After the referees blew two calls costing the Patriots two touchdowns, I turned off the game in frustration. Blown calls should not decide the game. Popularity for the game will decline if the league won’t take steps to get it right. Amateur hour! Shame on the NFL.

Jen Gaudiana –

I’d like to comment on the awful job the refs did tonight officiating the patriots vs chiefs game. It cost the patriots points on the scoreboard. Review the plays and I’m sure you will agree with the ridiculous calls or lack there of on the refs part. What is going to be done about the poor skills of the refs? In my profession, it wouldn’t be allowed to slack off and perform less than satisfactory. Who holds these people accountable?

Alan Sherman –

Gentlemen, whoever refereed the Patriots/Chiefs game need to go back to school. Buy them glasses. Worst refereeing I’ve ever witnessed. I am seriously considering dumping the NFL and going back to college games. Please explain.

Joseph Benitez –

Listen refs tonight’s game during the Patriots vs the cheifs game u screwed up real bad. How could you count n keal Harry’s touch down and you should of let stephon Gilmore run that fumble. You should be fired!

John McCarthy –

Really need to do something about the way refs make or not make calls in games. Today I witnessed a massacre in New England. Had there been competent refs call the game the Patriots would’ve won the game. When looking at tapes of today’s game I think the crew that called the game should be let go. I know when people in most jobs that do not do their job well enough the get fired and for them to be paid as much as they are I think that crew should be fired. It was in the top 5 worst officiating I’ve ever witnessed. There is a problem with call every week you have people watching the game in New York let them overrule the bad calls or get rid of them and instant replay. Apologies don’t do anybody any good fix the problem it’s not that hard to do. If you can’t figure out how to fix it email me I have plenty of solutions which the league the owners players and more importantly the fans will welcome. It’s time for change. Please consider my offer.

Thank you
John McCarthy