B Gomes –

After watching the AFC game the referees did not call the game well at all. Instead of letting the players play the game. The refs called most of the defense penalties against the Patriots and it is clearly that the chiefs been holding the receivers and picking when they Patriots when they were on offense. Clearly a one sided.


Abigail Jiminian –

I don’t know who the nfl assigned to ref the patriots vs. Steelers games this Sunday @4:25 but this is sickening. These refs are biased and don’t know how to do their job and if the nfl doesn’t do something about it to fire them then I will. If the ref is going to call stuff they need to call stuff both ways. This is terrible and I’m ashamed to call myself an nfl fan when this is what the league produces. This is terrible I’ve seen refs at highschool football games make better calls then the refs in the whole national football league. I will not let this go. Allowing your refs to get paid off so that a game will go in favor of one team is sick the nfl needs to fix itself

Tom Tuttle –

Hey Jerk Off’s,

Way to ruin the fucking Patriots-Steelers game. That lopsided, blatantly obviously fixed and disgusting officiating reinforced your obvious hatred of the Patriots. Seretore gifted the Eagles the Super Bowl with all thee TD’s he ruled TD’s (and not incomplete passes… and don’t think people will EVER forget that), but John Parry is absolutely horrific. His crew was so bad today that anyone watching your shit product puked in their mouth, regardless of who they were cheering for. That last fucking holding call was beyond ridiculous. The Patriots on the 4 and driving to win the game and you assholes give the game to the Steelers. It’s just disgusting and everyone with half a brain who watches football is mortified by NFL officials. You’re crooked. Absolutely crooked all the way up to Al Riverson and all the dickheads who preceded you. I realize you’re all laughing your way to the bank, but it’s still disgusting. You ruined the NFL a long time ago but at least you can continue to to tap into idiot fans who are willing to shell out money for your fixed product. They don’t see it. But intelligent fans do and that’s why they don’t pay to attend your fixed games. Awful. John Parry is a shill and should be in prison.

Bruce Silva –

Trying to understand how Shawn Hochuli could make a roughing the passer call during the Jet Pats game when the QB was running out of the pocket and the defender was horizontal to the ground tackling McCown near his ankles. Did not land on the QB nor did he do anything other than make a great tackle. This game has become a joke and decisions regarding “roughing the passer” or “unnecessary roughness” are ridiculous. Ruining what was once a great game.

Hannah Valcourt –

I am watching the Patriots vs Titans game and I have witnessed 3 pass interference calls that were not called. Which is ridiculous, if these refs get do not get talked to I will no longer be watching the NFL. It is so ridiculous how bad these referees actually are. If you do not do anything about this situation than the NFL has just lost a veiwer.

Daniel Murray –

Late in fourth quarter. Punch thrown by Davonte Adams and poor spot for first down.

Joe Becker –

super bowl …. how was that a “Catch” when same situation in the Pittsburgh game was not a “catch” … the ball was still bobbled on the play … done with the NFL … Patriot gets hit helmet to helmet, nothing called ? … Gronk got hit 2 weeks before, player should have been ejected … NFL is biased & losing a LOT OF FANS … fuck you all …

Abigail Jiminian –

Again the refs are missing some very key calls that are giving the eagles that advantage in this game. There has been multiple plays on holding on the offensive player covering James Harrison yet no one has called it. The refs need to wake up, thanks

Ps. I don’t need someone to send me an email saying to open my eyes like hey did last time

Shannon Mellen –

I’m watching the Pats vs Eagles in the 3rd quarter 7:18 left and that call was the most atrocious decision I have ever seen. They never had control of the ball and it’s sad that you think that’s the case. Even the Eagles players didn’t think it was a catch. You need to re-evaluate your refs and have them go back to school to understand the rules.

If you need to reach me feel free too.


Abigail Jiminian –

The current refs for the afc championship game pats vs jaguars do not know how to make any calls. They have not been able to call obvious holding calls on both the jaguars offense and defense. This issue needs to be fixed or another complaint will be filled. Please get the refs for this game in line and teach them how to make actual calls and open their eyes.