Chris Davidson –

So sick and fucking tired of these ignorant blind ass refs fuckin up the nfl games… its obvious they dont know shit and ruin the games weekly… i guess you dumbfucks want ratings to go down again cause its coming… for 3 straight fucking years your stupid fuckin zebras have fucked the saints outta playoff games but nothings been done to correct it… i promise you cocksuckers and that pussy roger goodell that i wont stop and make sure others blow up your fucking emails with this shit… you could put ray charles in as ref and he could make the same bullshit calls these overpaid pussy refs make on a daily basis… fuck all you refs and especially that pussy bitch roger goodell

No i didnt but i didnt take shit from pussies like you either… every fucking ref needs to be reevaluated and given paycuts… but since you think your so god damn smart how many sports did you play??? Let me guess your prolly a coaches son that aint worth a fuck… dont take what i say to heart unless your a pussy millenial then you cant help being a pussy

david tinnell –

why didn’t the refs look @ that last play in the playoffs when it was clearly offensive pass interference/ AGAIN, u cost the saints, possibly the game!vikes vs saints millions seen it& the refs ran off the field without even reviewing the play? please respond.

Lynn Lynn –

you cheat at all the saints games I don’t know how you sleep at night knowing what you did. You missed a big holding call and you know it in Today’s game. I hope you know that you will answer to God for what you did. If you can’t keep us from winning the home field right you need to find a way to change what you call and don’t call.

When you hold a shoulder pad and jersey and arms where you can’t catch the ball that is called holding.
You want to post this that is fine to let everyone know just how much you cheat.

Mona Dupleix –

Really, again look at Saints vs. Carolina game. Awful calls, need I say more! Do we have to do this again!

Jared Courville –

Why are the reefs always calling bad calls on the saints. Enough is enough. I feel that we always are getting cheated. Something has to give I am about to say fuck the NFL

Hojo Padilla –

Why are you all against the Saints. I used to be an NFL fan now I’m an highly doubting the NFL.

Kathy Van Eck –

Why do the referees hate the New Orleans Saints so much. Last year was the no call. This year their first game another call mistake on time which cost the Saints again. The refs admitted to their mistake. And now in week 2 against the Rams. Another lien call a whistle too early and took away a touchdown! Are you kidding me!

Jesse Lemos –

It is amazing how the Refs again on the Saints V Rams game have no freaking clue as to how a game should be called. Not to call a Fumble when the Saints pick it up and return it for a TD and then they say.. oh sorry you can’t gave that Touchdown. We all know people from LA are ridiculous and cheaters but how do we the Saints keep getting screwed???? Something has to be done to keep these guys from being paid under the table by people we don’t know about.

Philip Forrest –

I am not a New Orleans fan but just watched a horrendous call (fumble) ruled incomplete pass. Possibly a game changing call. Some ref needs to be suspended or fined. How do these terrible erroneous calls can be tolerated is beyond me. I hate seeing refs decide the outcomes of games. very tired

Troy Koren –

You guys are absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!! Seriously, you have ZERO credibility left anymore. All of your refs need to be better trained at making the correct calls for every situation. I just watched them blow a live play dead after a FUMBLE which would have resulted in a saints touchdown. Why the hell would they blow that close of a play dead by calling it incomplete?!?!? Especially after last year’s completely unacceptable no pass interference call!!!!!!!!! Fire everyone and start over! DO SOMETHING!!!!!! 😡😡🤬🤬🤬