Maggie Russo –

The Saints deserve to be going to super bowl right now and instead they are watching the Rams act like they won the game fairly. That was the worst pass interfence no call ever. It cost the Saints everything and whoever is responsibly should absolutely be fired. If some can let that slide they should not and can not be a ref for the nfl.


Charles Fernández –

The NFL wants to make protect players but The non helmet to helmet ahoed that its all BS. Also if you cant call a gamefeom qhat you aee like the obvious Pi in the 4rh in the NFC championship game you ahould find another job. Finally refa from tbe the cities of the teams should never officiate an game that the tam of their state or home town resides. I hope that yhe correct punishment is administered. If you want to keep a decent veiwer ratinga you will make the correct actions.

Beth McFarland –

The NFL can go to hell. The Saints should be going to the Super Bowl. The officials are either blind or gave the Rams a pass on that play because the officials are from the Los Angeles area. The Saints and their fans have been robbed. We will never forget this. You SUCK!

Sav Andrews –

Y’all suck and y’all owe Saints another game. I’ll be like the thousands of other people refusing to watch nfl games and that’s the tea

Jack Meyers –

Calls that were made in the Saints Game today making me loose interest in the NFL. I’m starting to believe people who say it’s rigged. These calls are inexcusable!!!!

Veronica Heymann –

You already know!!!! This is bullshit!!!! It’s an OBVIOUS Cheat to the entire NFL nation and fans everywhere! To top it off refs were from LA! Bullshit!

Mate Bellam –

I think that missed pass interference call on Tommylee Lewis in the Saints v Rams NFC championship game was absolutely ridiculous. Thank you for admitting the mistake AFTER THE GAME FINISHED. So much that did. Terrible.

Donald Campbell –

There are pictures of the ref watching the blatant pass interference that occurred near the endzone in the Saints game. I have lost all faith the the ability of NFL referees to objectively referee a game. Pathetic.

Mona Dupleix –

How much money did officials make from making no calls against the Rams in the game. That was horrible officiating. The no call for pass interference was sickening. There are no words to describe blatant cheating like that to make sure Saints didn’t go to Super Bowl. It should be about the athletes. Guess Godell is happy cause he hates the Saints. I hope this goes further cause people from Louisiana are not going to let it go

Also, isn’t it amazing that Rams players were thanking refs and taking pics with them. What a blatant awful cheating steal of a game. How can they look at themselves in the mirror.

Deanna Harhreaves –

You guys are corrupt! Saints should be in a super bowl. This was an obvious bought game. Every official should be fired.

I’m DONE with the corrupt NFL!

when are officials FINED for blatant BAD calls!

Your corrupt officiating cost the Saints a Super Bowl.

NFL is another Trump organization.
I give up on NFL. Fixed! Bought! Corrupt bastards!