John Kessler –

In the giants dallas game beasley caught a pass for a touchdown on 4th down. The replay clearly showed that he got his right knee
Down in bounds and his right elbow came down out of bounds before his left knee came down in bounds. How can that be a touchdown.
That call cost the giants the game!!! I cannot see how that could be a touchdown when a part of his body touched OB BEFORE THE CATCH WAS COMPLETED.



Russell Goerner –

The red at giants philly game didn’t call past interferance laugh At ODELLBJ.He should have a job

Jillian Ascoff –

the refs at eagles stadium missed a lot of calls there was a passing interference with Odell and a eagle. the eagle pulled his jersey two times and there was no flag called

Alan Wheelock –

Bad in eagles and giants need to break up this crew look like homers

Mike Manning –


I’ve been a die heart New York Giants fan since I could remember, I haven’t missed a game in years. As a fan, banter with other fan bases comes with the job, and I have always stayed away from the “referees lost us the game” excuse. However, the past to week the referees have undoubtably missed multiple crucial calls altering the outcome. To keep it short, I am contacting you for some type of explanation on the calls made these past weekends.

Thank you

John Nesbitt –

I watched the NYG game and that was the worst officiating I have ever seen bad calls all over the place need new officials or more training or something

Kim Steinhart –

Since when can a defender push a receiver out of bounds to make him an inactive receiver. That caused the Giants the game. Horrible final calls when the game matters most. A penalty should have been called on the defender for contacting the receiver before the ball was in the air.

Chase Federico –

Hello National Football League,
I am here today contacting you about the Randall Cobb touchdown at the end of the first half in the wild card game against the Giants. That was a clear push off against the offense and it was not called. Because of your poor officiating, you are going to alter the entire outcome of the 2017 NFL playoffs. Please give me a call at 719-252-5807 with some explanation!

Daniel Schneider –

I’ve been watching NFL games for the past 30 years or so. It’s hard to complain when in that span my team (NY Giants) get to five Superbowls and win four of them. However, as long as I can remember, it’s hard to find a game where officiating was as bad as this past Thursday night football game between the Giants and Eagles where probably two refs had it out for the Giants all night with multiple bad penalties called against the Giants and obvious holds and pass interference penalties not called against the Eagles. It’s not that I think the Giants were far better than the Eagles that night, but these penalties eventually led to the Eagles winning the game and would likely represent a 14 point swing, meaning the Giants would have 26 points and the Eagles 17. These are some of the reasons why fans like me are beginning to think about not watching the games let alone going to games. Fans deserve better than watching refs get paid 4 figure sums for making bad call after bad call, and basically making many games determined by the refs. It’s time the NFL comes clean and admit their were many bad calls made rather than insult us by defending the bad calls. The replays will not change what they already show. The NFL is run by billionaires and mega millionaires and admitting they made a mistake, God forbid many is less likely than being fortunate enough to find a needle in a haystack. I am comple tely disgusted with the NFL including them changing the game of football into a game where players are playing to safely stop the progression of the quarterback at the expense of giving up extra yards and being called on anything that appears more dangerous than a gentle game of two-hand touch.

Hal Bonning –

Nfl officiating is terrible as witnessed in 12/22/2016 Giants vs Eagles was another example. Blakeman and his crew called a biased game. This gross officiating incompetence affected the outcome of this game. The nfl continues to ignore this critical aspect of the game goodall chooses to let this dismal situation to continue. Please for the good, the credibility, and the honor of the game, employ competent officials. Get rid of those who grade out poorly week sfter week.