Roger Corp –

Regarding the controversial call on the Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown for the Jets, I would like to know how Referee Tony Corrente said the call was “pretty obvious”? The call was very obvious to anyone who saw the replay that it was indeed a touchdown. Jenkins lost control of the ball but clearly regained control just prior to hitting the marker with his shoulder. The referee was standing right there with a perfect view of the play and correctly called it a touchdown. How on earth does it get overturned? Worst call I have ever seen. Something must be done with the this League to overturn a touchdown that changed the outcome of a game.


Chris Booth –

That reversal in Jets be. Pats game was worst call I’ve ever seen. This garbage needs to Be addressed. NFL officials are having a terrible year.

Richard Coyle –

In my 69 yrs of being involved with football on all levels, I have never seen a worst call against Jets. They also changed a a helmet to helmet hit and call interference on Jets. Gronkowsi pushes off on almost 75% of passes to. him. NYC NFL could not see play as no one could except official. I guess you are hiring ex Globetrotter refs

Gail Frieder –

Unbelievable call today in the Jets/Pats game. I will not ever watch another football game until you people stop taking money from people like Kraft. That was a Jets TD that you reversed. I am a 70 year old female, jobless, and I could do a better job than the refs you had because my son was captain of his HS football team and I learned all of the rules way back then. Something is wrong and needs to be fixed. I’ll work for you for nothing and risk getting knocked over just to make this game fair. How much is Kraft paying you guys off? I call BULLSHIT. And yes, this is coming from a 70 year old female college graduate with a major in English, but, over my 70 years on this earth I have learned right from wrong and you are just WRONG. This has nothing to do with me being a Jets fan, it has everything to do with what is going on in the NFL today. I will write to you every single day until I get a response, not a general computer response, I want a response from a human being. WTF is wrong with you?? A blind person could have seen that TD was real, but noooo, God forbid your Patriots might lose to the Jets?? Oh no. No money from Kraft? I am so livid right now it’s not funny. You will hear from me tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Until this gets straightened out.

fred manuel –

America is absolutely sick to their stomachs on how the “Lopsided and Bullshit calls” keep on happening. Are “BAD” refs held accountable for their pathetic decision making ? Take the Patriots and Jets game. Its a God Damn touchdown, and the “Booth” overturns the call, to give the ball back to New England !! Who is in the booth that made the “WORST CALL EVER” according to the Commentators ? Are Refs disciplined for their “BAD calls ? Its beyond pathetic with all these lame duck Refs who are now deciding who wins. Pathetic !!!!

Michelle Scoggan –

What the hell is wrong with these refs when they are officiating games. The biggest complaint is are you refs paid off to let the patriots win? The refs made a call on Sunday 10-15-17 for the game between the jets and the patriots, the jets made a touchdown against the patriots and the refs took it away are you paid off so the patriots can win? What is it with a cheating team that you refs want to help.