Dave Mesh – meshtron@hotmail.com

To the Refs in General
From my experience and observations, of watching football going back to the first super bowl,

The Refs judgement and rule application has been noticeably unfair
to the Raiders over many yeas.

I am not a Total Raiders fan, but I watch them on TV and went to one Game.I like the Chargers and 49 ers and watch and see there games a little more.

I just saw the Raiders get penalized for roughing the passer, I didn’t see it in the replay.

On the other hand I saw a play off game once with Raiders at Patriots, and someone through a snow ball at the kicker during play, and the Refs did nothing about the interference.

Valerie Romanello – valromo@hotmail.com

The refs officiating tonight are biased. Every call has gone against the raiders. That can’t be fair. The Chargers have committed just has many fouls but are not called. This needs to be rectified. It’s not fair and it makes me want to not watch ANY NFL games.

John Kopp – johnkopp27@yahoo.com

I’m watching the Green Bay packers and Oakland Raiders game. Green Bay scored right before halftime and the guy definitely stepped out of bounds clearly showed it yet they gave him a touchdown. All game this reffing has been very horrible

Richard Archibeque – richard20984@gmail.com

I have a complaint about today’s game between Oakland and Green Bay. There was a holding in the 1st quarter with 3 minutes on the clock on Green Bay that was not called but there was ahold against Oakland that was called a minute or so earlier in the game. Why is it that Oakland’s always called for penalties more than any other team.

George Mitchell – ggmii@hotmail.com

How many more screwup calls do you have to make before you get it right? I am so disgusted with the Raiders calls this afternoon. I don’t wanna watch anymore because of the inept blown calls week after week.

Kevin Tatum – kevint440@gmail.com

Please tell me why a ref patted a Oakland player during the game on CBS seems you showing favoritism for Oakland so reff that hit quarterback on back on cbs camera should be fined

Benjamin Warner – warnerbenjamin@yahoo.com

How was that an offensive pass interference in the oakland/KC game, 3rd quarter????
That was a defensive pick play.