Chad Houghten –

Your calls on the Oakland ravens game,,
Makes me sick and unable to watch your judging again…




Michael Worthington –

Raiders VS Dallas
I am neither a Raiders nor Dallas supporter but, is it written in your rule book that a ref has to use a piece of paper to measure the distance of af yard stick to the tip of the football in order to determine a first down or not,,, don’t you thin it’s highly unfair to the Raiders when this makeshift practice is being used. It clearly showed it was not a first down..
Ashamed NFL Fan

Brian Valor –

As a Raiders fan thank you for screwing us again. Worse than the tuck rule assholes! A piece of paper? SERIOUSLY 🔥 THESE REFS THAT CALLED THIS GAME

William Perry –

Raiders at Dolphins, On-side kick. How is it, The Same player can Kick & Recover an onside (Without) other player’s touching the ball? What stops other kickers from just “Picking up from the Tee & running 10 yards? Or, A center tossing the ball forward to Self recover on 4th & 1? REALLY?

John Crowe –

Raven vs Raiders, 4th quarter, less than 2 minutes left helmet to helmet contact by Ravens defender, no call. Unacceptable, should be reviewed automatically.

Kellyn Crowder –

Jeff Tripelette is an absolute bozo! He can’t walk and chew gum without screwing it up! The gross injustice in Oakland today makes you all look like total chumps for allowing this man to work as an NFL official. #GETACLUEREFS

Marcus West –

Triplette obviously has a beef against Oakland. Today for instance he calls 15 yards on Irvinn for a simple tackle. I have watched this go on for years and I’m considering filing a lawsuit for descrimination and getting my direct TV money refunded. He is a joke as an official and this needs to be dealt with. Goodell nut up and explain why the Raiders are always discriminated against. Is it be cause of our ethic following? Jerry Jones actually runs the league thankfully. If Tripelette makes it to KC I really hope I can meet him in person, one on one

Pat Moreno –

Something seriously needs to be done about the REF’s and Raider Games, at this point even the announcers are calling BS on so many bogus calls made to hold this team back from achieving a WIN, it’s shameful and disgusting. SHAME ON YOU REFS

Tony Lennick –

Your officiating staff sucks it’s worse now then when the raiders played the patriots. Do your job like I do because I wouldn’t work on your car because I hate fake and people that can be bought. Get off your ass and do your equally or walk away and quit .