George drinkall –

Why in a lot of games do your refs play favorites. The N.E. chargers game there was a out and out pass interfearance and the refs dont call it. Thats just one .i see it all the time that refs pick who win .Dont tell me that it does not happen .No wonder the refs have a bad name. They have earned it.


Nina Rica –

Your referees are ruining the game. It is so obvious that specific crews make favorable calls for certain teams. Such as The AFC divisional game between the Patriots and the Chargers. Ron motha fuckin Tolbert and his crew. Two (2) false start calls by his ass against the Chargers when the clock is at 01 and a big bullshit holding call on 3rd down that extended the Patriots drive wich altimatly ended in a touchdown for the Patriots. I am getting sick and tired of your crooked fucking officials ruining the game. WE PAY TO WATCH THE PLAYERS NOT YOUR PIECE OF SHIT REFS THAT WANT TO FUCK UP DRIVES FOR TEAMS THEY DONT LIKE AND MAKE CALLS FOR TEAMS THEY DO LIKE. WE SEE IT EVERY GAME… I will tell you this. If I’m at a game, I’ll get on the field and I’ll kick him right in the fucking nuts if he makes a bad call. For me it will be worth it to go to jail…… Sick of this shit….. Fucking smokes.

Another bullshit call. Running into the kicker???? It should be roughing the kicker as the defender ran into the “plant” leg of the kicker. Your fucking refs are LITERALLY the dumbest most incompetent I’ve ever seen….. Horrible horrible horrible. Killing the NFL. I have never said this before but now it is time. I am glad the season is almost over….. Your association is pathetic.

phillip ramey –

I want to know how much money those referees took from the L.A. CHARGERS during the Chiefs game

Daniel Baba –

Great job ruining the game tonight you fuckin faggots. You idiots are the reason people are tuning out

M Millet –

If you blind out of shape pieces of dung wanted KC to win why play the game. Way too many questionable calls. NFL losing fans each week yoour crews suck. Should each have to take lie detector test for calls you make. Must check your way of living cause your all crooked as hell

Eric Weiss –

The officiating for the Broncos vs Chargers game on 11/18 was absolute garbage. The crew missed a 2-point conversion call, and they called pass OPI on a play that was clearly DPI. This is the same crew that has been criticized all year for their bad play calling. This is getting embarrassing. This crew needs to be fired.


Missed call against Chargers on Touchdown. Obvious on replay. Jr high doesn’t miss those. What’s up!!
Worst call I have seen in my 76 years on earth. DJ RUF

ryan cluff –

I fucken hate these reffs for the broncs chalrger game u guys sat there and gave us these shit call cuz u want fucken want to the shit ass broncos to win u shit ass reffs

Bill Demo –

How much money did the refs have on Denver against San Diego tonight…?? Another horrendously officiated game by these bums.. They dont even hide it anymore.. What a joke these bastards are..

Chad Teets –

Hello, I was watching this San Diego and Denver Game just now and have noticed some serious support for Denvers team. There has been several calls against San Diego’s Defense that has prgressed Denver to touchdowns. These are very poor as they have prgressed through them on TV very quickly to HIDE some of the penalties. Please review. I sure hope that the NFL is not going for a pre-determined season or else we will have to change that.