joshua blum –

You guys are garbage 49ers vs chiefs


Rose Villanueva –

You the refs made some really bad calls during the 49 and chiefs game, especially the td call against the niners. You are wrong and byast. That was wrong. They deserved that touchdown. You are not professionals.

David Ferguson –

You folks really need to take a look at the contact observed on CBS for that last Houston touchdown. The 49ers should have won that game. The wrong call was made. It was very obvious.

Chris Sheats –

When are the NFL referees going to stop letting the Seattle Seahawks offensive line holding on every single passing play. They clearly were holding during their game this Sunday, but as usual they did not get flagged once. Clearly it is up to the refs if they want to call it. It’s too much of an judgement call. So inconsistent on what teams are playing. Very frustrating to watch.

Zavier Smith –

What on earth was that OPI call 4th quarter of Rams niners game on Trent Taylor. Utter horseshit. Fix the refs, games shouldnt be decided by one idiot.

Alic Olson –

Please do not let Gene Steratore ref against the 49ers games. The tape does not lie. He seems to be good at what he does, but there is definitely a lack of integrity when he has reffed those last two games (NFC championship 2014 and week two 2014). It’s not right and either the sudden incompetence or what seems to be a payoff is really not right, no matter who you want to win the games. We all want honest games and not have the referee be the focal point of game for incorrect calls recurringly.