David Gomez – daviddj54@yahoo.com

I would like for the NFL to get new referees, ones that I can actually call a game correctly. Super bowl 54 was horrible so many missed calls holding calls and many more the Kansas City chiefs did not deserve that Super bowl. As a die-hard 49er fan the NFL needs to get new referees, not these old has-beens that’s been there.

vander singleton – coolkat978@yahoo.com

bill vinovich and his crew can eat shit and die. and their families too. blatantly favored the chiefs all game. i hope they all have kids who get hit in a school shooting! fucking cunts

Donny Valdez – valdezsm2011@yahoo.com

U refs suck the forty 49ers should have won u guys suck as ref I will never watch a NFL game again , the ref s suck and so does the nfl

Charles Wiesel – charleswiesel@icloud.com

Russell Wilson was a yard past the line of scrimmage when he threw his first td pass in Seattle last night.

Ben Morris – ben.morris8@gmail.com

Personal foul against the 9ers late in Seattle game. FUCK YOU. BULLSHIT CALL

The National FUCKUP league

Rick Gonzalez – rickgonzalez917@gmail.com

Your nfl refs need to start getting fined or something has to happen way to many missed calls this season. 49ers beat falcons he never crossed and how do you review the play if the refs never said he scored. You guys fucking suck and get of New England dick fucktards

Garbage ass fucking refs

Earl Robicheaux – earl.robicheaux@gmail.com

The refereeing in the NO Saints, SF 48’s is totally pathetic. In the space of the last 10 minutes there have been 4 totally blatant bad calls, the non passing interference when it was more than obvious the 49 held, the holding call, offensive pass interference and then the outrageous helmet to helmet call when the Saints player made an obvious attempt to turn his head.

I simply hate it when the refereeing decides the game and not the players

Sahil J – sjjindal276@gmail.com

Is there a reason the officiating is favoring New Orleans in the game vs San Francisco today? Someone should be in jail for trying to fix this game.

Owner Willard – willardmeier@sbcglobal.net

I’ve been watching NFL Football since I was old enough to breath. The officiating in the Packers/49’ers (leading up to the Packer’s 1st TD) was such TOTAL B.S.. And now you’re doing it again, in a transparent effort to give the well-loved Packers EVERY advantage you can. It is SO F’ING obvious. And it pisses off me and every football fan outside of Wisconsin. Apparently you think we’re all stupid, and can’t see we are being cheated. So, Go F Yourselves, it won’t work, no matter how hard you try. Sometime honesty will out, and low-life cheating POS, like yourselves will find themselves where they belong (but the attempted cheating continues so TRANSPARENTLY). YOU SUCK. YOUR REFS…SUCK. YOU CHEAT. IT’S UNBELEIVABLE. NOW. YOURE OUTA DOWNS. WATCHA GUNNA DO? 5 DOWNS? Wouldn’t be surprised!!!!!!!

Timothy Sykes – sykestim8@gmail.com

I strongly suggest that the defensive touchdown at the end of the 49ers v. Cardinals game be overturned, and called a dead ball downed by the cardinals offensive lineman, who clearly grabbed the ball (while on the ground and touched) and flung it behind him. As a fantasy owner in a money league, I would hate my weekly outcome to come down to poor officiating and being lazy. Thank you as a proud NFL spectator.