Melinda Driskill –

NFL Refs – even as a female, I am sick and tired of seeing the way you ref the Patriots games. Bias, cheating and more bias. I am sick of it. Why do you want the Patriots to win every year? As fans, we see what is going on and we are fed up. You should all be fired!


Tracy Vargo –

Bad call against the Titans in 2 quarter that shouldn’t be call pass interface. But of course whatever helps your boys the Patriots

Brett Kimball –

Your refs are blind, I just see the worst ball spot in the chiefs titans game I have ever seen, the refs and league has all the technology they need to insure a proper spot! Wow I am renouncing my fanhood fuck you NFL and your crooked refs!!! Get it fixed!! This is not the fucking WWF!

Larry Hester –

Who do I contact about bad officiating in the Titan/Broncos game?? The officials in that game were so biased against the Titans it was pitiful. Twice in the end zone the Titans were interfered with, but there was no call? But, they called Delanie Walker for a offensive pass interference in the endzone, on a play where he was being guarded by 2 Broncos. THAT IS A VERY BAD GAME FOR OFFICIALS. FIRE ALL OF THEM, RIGHT NOW.