Week 16 discussion

We’ve just finished filling out the week 16 assignments, so thanks to all who contributed!

The games today start shortly, so leave your comments as things develop and don’t forget to take advantage of our message board to talk to other football fans.

Enjoy the games!


NFL Week 16: Referee Assignments

So far we’ve got Tony Corrente for the Santa Claus Special Friday Night, Ed Hochuli in Cincinnatti, Pete Morelli in Pittsburgh.

Please post anything you find in the comments below.

I’m also trying to find some footage of the Jacobs/Haynesworth fight from last night for a post later today, but I’m not having any luck yet. If anyone finds a link, please email it to me at Thanks!

Week 16 – General Discussion

Talk about the week 16 games here.

Week 16 – NFL Officials Game Assignments

Check out the list for this week and help us fill it in.