Jerry Jones fined $25K for comments about the referees

Just days after Saints’ coach Sean Payton was fined $15,000 for ripping the officials, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been fined $25,000 for a similar offense.

Jones had made comments about Ed Hochuli‘s famous week one mistake in the Broncos-Chargers game.  Jones admits he was out of line, saying that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is “doing his job”.

Jones was fined more than Payton because owners are held to a higher standard.  Chargers coach Norv Turner was not fined for referring to the blown call as “unacceptable”, since he limited himself to that single word and referred all other questions about the matter to the league office.


  1. they can fine me all they want they are just a bunch of j—ass’s

  2. Bill Gordon L. Stafford says

    Watched Eagle Bronco Game yesterday and each time the Broncos would threaten to score the strippers would call holding! hell of a lot more prevalent at Philly than elsewhere! Saw eagle coach give the Umpire a butt pat for calling for review and reversal of an on field call that let the eagles kick the winning field goals. if you are going to cheat then run for the Senate, House, or President.