Saints coach Sean Payton fined $15K for criticizing officials

According to ESPN, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton has been fined $15,000 by the NFL for criticizing the officals after last week’s 34-32 loss to the Denver Broncos.

Specifically, Payton was upset that an obvious neutral zone infraction wasn’t called with 2:40 left in the game.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear to all teams that they are welcome to talk to him about officiating problems, but any public criticism (like Payton’s) will result in disciplinary action.

The referee in the Saints-Broncos game last week was Ron Winter, though this call would have been the responsibility of his Head Linesman or Line Judge.


  1. I wish I had 15k to give to Sean to tell them exactly how bad they are (AGAIN)! They are terrible! They have missed call after call! They would be fired if they worked for me. They are awful. When people do their jobs badly they get FIRED!!!!! Fire them and get some respectable people in the zebra stripes. THEY STINK!!!!

  2. Sean will probably need more to pay fine after game with Minnesota. I saw three face masks that weren’t called, 2 against Reggie Bush. The ref’s in this game are either incompetent or criminal. I know the NFL would say they are not incompetent so how do you answer that one, there is no other explanantion.

  3. You know, when a player or coach does something wrong or speaks out about problems (mistakes)they are fined. Maybe it is time for the criminals in stripes pay up for a change. This ref crew has been involved over and over again in missing calls in close games. They are incompetent and a “I am sorry”, “It was a mistake” is NOT a good enough excuse anymore. This is the 3rd game that I am aware of that this particular crew has cost a team to lose!

  4. My wife who is an avid NFL fan was wanting to know if the refs now have a team of their own and competing on game day. These missed calls are getting pretty obvious, it looks like the fine was not enough in the refs eyes and they decided to dish out some of their own punishment. As it was said before its time they become accountable for the shoddy job they are doing.

  5. Brad Gaspard says

    I live in New Orleans and a former season ticket holder. Ever since Sean made this comment about the neutral zone infraction, when that wasn’t the only missed call that game. In my opinion the touchdown in the back of the endzone wasn’t a touchdown, he did not have possession of the ball with both feet in. I have seen several missed calls in each game since the denver comment by Sean. I don’t know if I’m just noticing them more now orthey have something against the Saints.

  6. Now it's Time says

    He may be fined, but Payton was RIGHT.

  7. I watch a lot of football. In both college games and the nfl i have witnessed some horrible calls on a regular basis. Quite a few touch calls that are one sided. Not just against the teams i like but also for them. Some at very crucial moments that have decided the outcome of the game. Its obvious by the numerous reviews that they are not doing a very good job. In my own personal humble opinion I think its time they should be replaced by robots.

  8. oh great, I just read on this site that winter is calling the game saturday…not fair. the league and/or payton should protest to roger.

  9. Speak ill of us, and we will make you pay!