Mike Pereira, Head of NFL Officials, to retire

According to ESPN, Mike Pereira is set to retire at the end of this season.  The 59-year-old Pereira has been a very open and well-liked chief, and he’ll be returning to California with wife to enjoy his retirement.  This decision was made during the previous off-season and had nothing to do with any of the controversies of this season.

No successor has yet been named.


  1. Mike will be missed.

  2. Mike Pereira will retire @ the end of the 2009 Season. There was suppose to be someone mirroring him during the season. This has been scratched due to budget constraints.

  3. Hello a question on field goals-if a team tries a field goal on 3rd down and they are within the 20 what is the correct ruling.Announcers are always saying that if they miss they get another try at it.Please let me know what is correct because my family is having an argument over this.Thank You for Your Help.

    • Hi Ed –

      When announcers talk about that, they’re talking about a specific strategy, which usually happens in late-game situations.

      If a field goal is attempted – i.e, the ball is kicked – it’s either good or no good. Either way, possession soon belongs to the other team.

      However, let’s say it’s 3rd down, late in the game, the team with possession needs a field goal and is clearly in range. The strategy is, attempt the field goal on 3rd down instead of 4th down. That way, if something unfortunate happens – a bad snap or bad hold, for example – the kicking team can fall on the ball and make another attempt on 4th down.

      I hope that makes sense.