Here comes the season!

The 2009 NFL schedule has been unveiled, so it’s time to start getting ready for the season.  I’ve loaded the entire schedule in the sidebar of the site, just like last year.  As you start to learn which refs are at each game in week 1, please reply to this post and let me know so we can start filling it out.

Also, I’ve copied the list of 2008 crews and put them on our 2009 crews page.  I’m sure there are some changes, but I haven’t put any in there yet.  If you know of any crew changes, please reply to this post so we can get that page up to speed as well.



  1. Bill Carollo retired from the NFL to become the head of officiating for the Big Ten Conference.

    I haven’t heard who his replacement is yet.

  2. I read at NFL85 that Done Carey will be the newst Replacemtnt.

  3. New officiating Crews for 2009:

  4. Well, after a long off season it’s finally time for football again.

    Here are the officials for Saturday’s Hall of Fame game between the Bills and Titans:

    Referee — Bill Leavy
    Umpire — Garth DeFelica
    Head Linesman — Phil McKinnely
    Line Judge — Ron Marinucci
    Field Judge — Buddy Horton
    Side Judge — Larry Rose
    Back Judge — Bob Waggoner

  5. Scott Tusic says

    Spoke with Ed Cuikart during the 2009 HOF pre-game ceremony. Nice to have chatted with such a fine man. Also while looking over the HOF museum store, I looked at a book by Jim Tunney. The throw back officials uniforms along with the Bills / Oiler throwback uni’s brought back memories when we could only see one AFL game per week. Oh how times have changed. Goodluck to all the NFL officials this year (2009).

    Scott Tusic
    Steelton Barbell Club #5101
    West Virginia President#51 (USA Olympic Weightlifting)