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  1. Well once again, as a Dolphin fan, the NFL officiating for this past weekends game was atrocious! Case in point:
    1) Quick whistle on a fumble that even the CBS commentators, Gannon and Eagle were not only questioning but were vehemently denouncing as a horrendous call. Would have given the ball to Miami!
    2) The block by Lou Polite that the refs saw as tripping on a 62 yard TD to Tedd Ginn. WHAT A JOKE YOUR OFFICIALS ARE!! This penalty could be called on every play, yet you chose to call it here.
    Do I need to go into the BS call where Darren Sharper fumbled, would have been a touch back for Miami yet you gave them 6 points.
    As Dolphin fans we can pick out the 1-2 gamechanging penalties per week that you call against Miami!! It is a joke, and as a business man, if I had employees that committed these mistakes, I would fire them. YOU HAVE NO BALLS GOODELL< NOR ANY CLASS TO HAVE THIS CONSISTENTLY HAPPENING EVERY WEEK!

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