Bill Leavy apologizes for mistakes in 2006 Super Bowl

A few years too late, Bill Leavy has apologized for mistakes he made in the 2006 Super Bowl though he hasn’t said exactly which calls he is referring to.

There are a handful of calls that are in dispute, but none that were outlandishly bad as we’ve seen in a variety of games in recent years. ¬†Here’s a good clip that covers most of them from Super Bowl XL:

What do you think?  Which calls is he referring to?


  1. The last play the low block foul. But he wasn’t trying to block he was trying to tackle.

  2. There was quite an uproar after that game about the officiating, far more so than usual. Looking at the stats, the Seahwaks won in just about every category — except points.

    The Big Ben non-TD was ridiculous; he didn’t come close to crossing the line.

    Why is Leavy still officiating? Is there no accountability in the NFL?

  3. The Big Ben TD was probably not a TD- but again- the operative word is PROBABLY- that is NOT indisputable so they cannot overturn the call. The “low block” was a blown call- but take that penalty away, the turnover still stands. No game is ever officiated perfectly. Anyone who says differently is lying. The Steelers won 21-10- that is two scores. The low block does not equate to an 11 point swing. Steelers won fair and square, let it go Seahawks fans. (for the record I am a ravens fan and hate the steelers)

  4. What did he have to apologize for? Good calls all around. Close, yes. Apology-worthy? No.