Week 10 discussion

The week 10 assignment list is ready, so enjoy the games and leave a comment if you see any noteworthy calls.



  1. Horrible, horrible call and penalty – 15 yards against Seahawks for “Horsecollar” on the Running Back Hitower in the 1st quarter on Arizona’s second drive of the game. Talk about terrible. Clearly the replay showed that the Seattle Defender was directly in the middle of the back on the jersey. Not even close to the neck and/or collar. This lead to a favorable field position for Arizona. Come on you guys!!

  2. maurice grassia says

    i am a steelerfan living in philadelphia i cant belive the sun nite game i know the steelers were out played and extreamly out coach in there lost . but the defence is getting soft due to these rediculious controls of hits . i agree safty is first but clearly last nite hines ward was a helmelt to helmet hit as he was going to the ground . actualy knocked him out . and again a non call i so discusted with the nfl comission its making me a base ball fan i played football alll my life as a child and yet i knew it was a posoble to get injured not saying some controll is needed but what good for the goose should be good and aplied to all teams the ref shouild be fined 75,000 like harrison for not calling that hit on hines ward . realy going to start watching roler derby again this is what this sport is comming to a bunch of crap .