Week 11 discussion

Week 11 is rolling along, so let us know your thoughts on what you see — good calls, bad calls, missed calls, etc.

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  1. Tony Corrente’s clue is calling an awful game. Two terrible personal foul calls on Pittsburgh and a few shady PI calls.

  2. I think the refs in the Steelers/ Raiders game should be fined for the sorry excuse of officiating they did in this one !!!!!!!

  3. The only issue I had is one many have and that’s the facemask on Suh.

  4. Bill Klebenow says

    It is about time that the NFL does something about the incompetance this year with the Referees deciding to many games on absolutly obserb calls.

  5. While the Colts loss is on them, Steratore did an awful job. He simply refused to call (see) a single Pats penalty for 3.5 quarters, while he called some bad ones against the Colts.