More fun thoughts from our readers

Wow, people are fired up today!  I’m still surprised at the amount of email that I get that tell me “you blew a call” or “you should be fired”.  Granted, it’s mostly from ignorant people that (apparently) can’t read well, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

For your entertainment, here are a few from today. As always, spelling errors are included (there are many of them), but some profanity has been censored out.

From Brendan, wondering how to go about paying off a ref:

How do I payoff a referee? It’s clear watching the jags chargers that Walt Coleman has been bought and I’d like to ensure that future calls are either handled fairly or in the favor of my team. What is the amount needed to secure equitable calls and who do I submit payment to?

From Vernon, who is no longer an NFL fan:

I am jus a person that enjoys football but every time I watch a team that is not good it seems the refs call for the better team constantly ….done withbad calls u havve lost me as a fan

From Steven:

The new England Patriots vs jets the last call was bs u guys need to look at these types of calls

From Gio, who wishes bad things for me:

You f###ing referees are terrible! Pieces of s###! Go kill yourselves

From Pete, who has found proof that the game is in the hands of the refs:

You guys really need to find honest qualified refs. the last call in the Patriots Jets game is bulls###! How much more was he paid? Just proves this is in the hands of a crooked official!

From Ethan, whose vocabulary primarily consists of words that start with “s”:

I would like to know exactly wtf you were thinking on the pats game on the 56 yard FG in ot by the jets. You must be retarded he didn’t do s###. Unsportsmanlike conduct!? r u sh###in me!!!!! This s### happens on every FG and you just hated the pats and didn’t want to call a fair game. YOu suck and go to h###!

From Ed, who wants me to feel shame:

Just finished watching the NFL ref’s win a game. Jets vs Patriots. You should be ashamed.

From Ryan, who agrees with Ed:

The refs in the Washington vs Chicago was the worst I’ve ever seen you all should be ashamed and fired

From Kurt, who has bigger parenting concerns than most of us:

U blew the game for the patriots who got hurt on the play? Noone let them play it out! My sons get bullied when the patriots lose, I’m going to have to keep them out of school for a week, u blew that game

Again, for the record, I don’t know any officials and I’m certainly not on the field for any games. Well, I was on the field today, but that was for my 10-year-old daughter’s soccer game. I had some issues with the officiating there as well, but I guess I need to get more riled up about it or something. 🙂


  1. I’m a Patriot fan I can take lost, but to be robbed is a different story. I hope those corrupted officials can live with themselves…