Referee assignments and discussion for week 17

The final week of the NFL regular season is almost here, and we have around half of the referee assignments worked out.

Head over to our week 17 page to check them out and let us know if you have any others we can fill in, and then use this post to comment on any noteworthy calls this weekend.

Enjoy the games!


  1. Jim Nantz announced on the Balt-Cin telecast that Scott Green was retiring after this game. Unlike the NHL, don’t retiring NFL officials still get to work the playoffs?

  2. Clete Blakeman is the worst referee since Bill Leavy in Superbowl XL with all the bad calls. Touching the ball at the 1-yard line is not the same as touching the ball at the goal line and does not result in a touchback. Shea McLellin, in the process of making a tackle, falling on Aaron Rodgers does not count as Unnecessary Roughness. A huge hold on Julius Peppers preventing him from tackling Rodgers leading to a touchdown goes uncalled. A 67 yard catch-and-run by Alshon Jeffrey in which Jeffrey is tackled and during the fall manages to get the ball across the plane and somehow that becomes down at the 1-yard line? If the Packers end up in the playoffs it will be solely on the shoulders of the Clete Blakeman and his band of bad officials.

    • nfl refs suck says

      Worst officiating EVER!!!!! Replay officials sucked too.How much does the mafia pay the refs?SERIOUSLY Stevie Wondercouldve made a better call LMAO

  3. nfl refs suck says

    The refs SUCKED in the Bears/Fudgepackers game.All of them should be FIRED!!!!!! The ball was downed at the one yard line.