Slowing down the crazy comments

We get it — people are passionate about football.  However, lately the comments have been getting a bit crazy.  We looked at a few options to get things under control and decided to simply use open registration to handle it.

We considered pre-moderating comments, but that can really stifle conversation if lots of time goes by before I have a chance to approve them.  On the other hand, we could have user registration process require moderation, but that becomes a lot of work as well.

As of now, you’ll need to be registered in order to comment but the registration is free and completely open.  We’ll see how it goes.  You can register here and get back to commenting!  If you have other thoughts on how it could be handled better, please let us know. Thanks!


  1. I didn’t think it was a crazy comment, but I do apologize……just frustrated to see a Ref like Blakeman so carelessly make a call on such a pivotal point of the game…..again I do apologize!!! = G

  2. Screwed the pooch again. 3 out 4 losses by the Chiefs are because of bad calls by the refs. The replacement refs were way better than you.

  3. Absolutely-, the final time this X Lions fan will ever tune in to an NFL game, you have had a bullseye on Detroit for years which blossomed during the Dallas/Detroit game last night. There is no excuse for what took place last night and Pete Morelli and the other officials that came up with the decision to reverse a called and announced penalty was totally unacceptable to me and the over thirty family and friends watching that crap at my house unfold. If you would have done that to Jerry Jones the world would have ended, you are dirty just like the NFL and have lost me and many other fans for life, you owe the Detroit Lions and us a proper explanation and/or apology which will never happen, so we will not support or watch you anymore. A disgusted fan

  4. Worst nfl officiating I have seen in 55 years of nfl football. I hope 2016 is better.