The playoffs are here!

We’ve updated the referee assignments for wild card weekend (thanks to Ben at Football Zebras) so go check them out.  Enjoy the games!


  1. why in the world is the nfl still using ed hocheli and his crew for important games? He proves his ineptitude weekly with terrible calls at crucial times. i.e. the illegal contact he just called on the cardinals, very iffy contact away from the play but typical of can’t keep flag in pocket ed.

  2. Carolina is getting s home job here, the NFL needs to review the officials and the calls being made and fire them, they have to much of an outcome of the game with calls like they are making this year. They should be held accountable for these calls. On replay you can see the missed calls and should be fixed by the official watching in new york.

  3. Ed’s a lawyer? No wonder he sucks as an official, bet he loses every case he has too. LOL!!!!

  4. Lions vs Cowboys…. I don’t even have to identify the call in question. The entire world witnessed pass interference….except the only person on the planet, who happens to be an NFL ref, pick up the flag! WTF….

  5. Such an important game and it comes down to a blown call by guess who pete morelli. He doesn’t deserve to officiate a high school football game let alone an NFL playoff game. What a joke by the NFL.