Bill Vinovich returns to the field in Week 6!

Exciting news today for officiating fans, as Bill Vinovich will once again don a white hat for this weekend’s game between the Lions and Eagles.

Vinovich last worked in the 2006 season, and retired before 2007 due to his health.  At that time, John Parry took his place.

This information was learned by Football Zebras, an allied site whose founder Ben regularly contributes assignments here at Football-Refs.

While Football-Refs puts all of its focus on assignments (and will continue to do so), Football Zebras focuses heavily on news and discussion.  If you’re interested in officiating news, discussion about specific calls or opinion articles, Football Zebras comes highly recommended!

NFL, NFLRA agree on new contract: The lockout is over!

A deal has been struck, and the nightmare is over.  We can expect to see legitimate NFL officials for the entirety of Week 4, including the Thursday night game between the Ravens and Browns.

Of course, this means we’ll need to start over on the Week 4 assignments to the best of our ability.  That’s work that I, for one, don’t mind doing!

A big “thank you” to everyone who voiced their opinion to people with the ability to do something about it, such as on Twitter.  I have no doubt that contributed to a deal being done.

2012-13 season begins tonight

Hi all –

As the Cowboys visit the Giants tonight to begin the 2012-13 season, I find myself highly conflicted.

The replacement officials concern me greatly.  I have expressed these concerns to varying degrees, mostly in more private forums such as email.

I won’t get into those concerns here.  Ultimately, it comes down to this: I’ve been trying to decide how active to be in determining crew assignments and putting them up, whilst the replacements are in use.

My original decision was to not be involved at all, but after spending much time thinking it over, I will put up what I know – albeit likely later in the week than I normally would.

I’m hoping that this lockout is resolved, both sooner-than-later and fairly.  Either way, I hope everyone enjoys the new football season!  I certainly will.


Week 10 Update

Hi all –

I have agreed to assist Mickey with updates for this website.  As my first major order of business, you will see that the list of 2011 crews has been updated to be current.  If you see any errors, please let me know and I’ll fix them.

We are just beginning the process of filling out the list for Week 10.  If you should come to learn of an assignment, please take the time to let us know.  If possible, include the source.