Week 17

New Orleans at Atlanta – Craig Wrolstad
N.Y. Jets at Buffalo – Walt Anderson
Washington at Dallas – John Parry
Tennessee at Indianapolis – Clete Blakeman
Tampa Bay at Carolina – Jerome Boger
Detroit at Chicago – John Hussey
Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Pete Morelli
Minnesota at Green Bay – Bill Vinovich
Oakland at Kansas City – Tony Corrente
New England at Miami – Ed Hochuli
Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants – Gene Steratore
Baltimore at Cincinnati – Carl Cheffers
Jacksonville at Houston – Terry McAulay
Seattle at Arizona – Brad Allen
San Diego at Denver – Ron Torbert
St. Louis at San Francisco – Walt Coleman



  1. Eligible for NE@MIA Brad Allen Walt Coleman Walt Anderson Clete Blakeman

  2. I think it will be between Walt Coleman and Brad Allen for NE@MIA but hopefully Coleman will get this game

  3. Lets hope Coleman gets NE@MIA

  4. Coleman Cheffers and Boger are eligible for NE@MIA but I think Walt Coleman will have NE@MIA

  5. Brad Allen Terry McAulay Gene Steratore Clete Blakeman and Ron Torbert are all eligible for NE@MIA

  6. Eligible for NE@MIA Brad Allen Bill Vinovich Terry McAulay Gene Steratore Clete Blakeman and Carl Cheffers

  7. Blakeman is scratched out Now Eligible for NE@MIA is Brad Allen Bill Vinovich Carl Cheffers and Terry McAulay

  8. NE@MIA Comes down to Brad Allen Bill Vinovich and Terry McAulay

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