William Justin –

Missed about 5 holding calls against packers offense already….get gud refs


Don Ready –

You guys need to stop taking payments from New England. For you guys to get to plays wrong is terrible… Like Come on man… Reeeeeeealllllllyyyy…. Get it together

pat palumbo –

I have been following the nfl since the late 50s or early 60s never have i seen such
terrible referring, ex: the pittsburg game and today the buffalo game against n.e. this
is really poor. maybe can the refs be sidelined. they don’t need to be allowed to do
this again. sincerely.

John Dentremont –

The Buffalo/Patriots game officiating needs to be reviewed. Not calling holding penalties on Gronkowski caused unsportsman penalties . You can’t let penalties go un-called on the same player consistently. I think the official should be let go . Worse officiating I have seen .

Don Hardy –

My apologies. I have watched football my whole life. I’m 38. I have also refed nothing official. But a few refs that are still employed should be reconsider as head refs. For years i have watched the refs over the players. Terry McAulay has in fact made so many bad calls, stood by and watched fights, ejected players for no reason. Today he made to calls that the nation (aside the bills fans) know for a fact Should have went the other way. I have watched him game after game and am starting to watch games he officiates just to write a report to present to the world on the way refs are. Thank you for your time and i hope you look at the film on every game to indure that your refs are calling a far and just game. I would hate to prove otherwise. On the otherside as long as you all are making money guess it don’t matter.

Donnie Burt –

I have been a Buffalo Bills fan for close to twenty years. Yes, over that time period the organization has been extremely unsuccessful. Over the years I have continuously seen my team get blatantly screwed over and would like an explanation. I am not blaming officiating for the bills lack of success, that blame goes directly to the teams management. Finally the 2014 season has begun and it seemed to me that my bills have turned the corner and put together enough talent to contend in the afc. However, the last two weeks have blown the top off the volcano with me and the NFL officiating. The bills were called for two offensive pass interference calls on one drive in their matchup this weekend against the Patriots. Both fouls were very questionable and both announcers disagreed with both calls. The infractions didn’t just cost them the allotted penalty yards, they took away over 60 yards of offense. Obviously I was ticked off but penalties are penalties and if the referees call the game that way then there’s nothing to be done. However, after the bills cut the pats lead to eight with 5:40 left on the clock the Pats and the zebras went to work. Both Julian Edelman and rob gronkowski blatantly push off bills defenders. I can go on for days with unfavorable calls for my bills. I would really appreciate an explanation and I could further explain my complaint. Thanks, Donnie burt

Marilyn Mann –

How can our Bills player be hit 3 ft out of bounds, helmet to helmet and no call.
How can a Raiders player throw his own flag after a call and it NOT be unsportsmanlike like conduct.
We lost, but was the game officiating fair?
I think not! AGAIN.
It gets,old. A crap call is a crap call and no call is worse!

Edwin MacDonald –

OMG folks stop ruining games!!! Take a few moments and get it right. The end of tonights second quarter had the officials doing a better job of a comedy routine than officiating. The mistakes aren’t occasional, they’re rampant. The officiating at end of the first half ruined this weeks MNF and possibly a teams season…and I live in the pacific northwest. Shameful display of what is supposed to be your profession. Apologies don’t fix incompetence action does. Make your staff accountable, publicly, and train them properly. Change your review system, you might want to look at rugby’s style of replay review to let officials watch plays over again to ensure their making the right calls. Fans want to watch football not officiating, period! You’re taking the players and their coaching out of the game and that’s what people pay to see.

william mccue –

The Buffalo Seahawk game, Sherman should have received a personal foul for roughing the kicker. This cost Buffalo 3pts and it was an obvious foul. How do officials get it that wrong?

Steven Pierce –

This Buffalo/Seattle game officiating is ridiculously poor. The foul on the Buffalo kicker that was not deemed a personal foul, followed by the ridiculous play clock mgmt is where I finally had to say enough is enough. Now add in a personal foul on the Buffalo player for holding the ball out to the Seattle player who had just taunted him and it is hard to consider any sort of fair play by the officials. I am a lifelong Packer fan and lover of the game itself. The officiating all year has been poor at best. I believe an investigation of the root cause of the terrible calls is necessary. I would think with there is not a challenge to get good quality people for the role. So what is the problem? Lack of accountability? Not the accountability that gets your hand slapped, the type of accountability that get’s you fired? Get the officiating fixed. Protect the players, and get a handle on the cheap shots I am seeing from the Seattle D tonight.