Kimberly Ranieri –

I just wanted to say how I have never seen such favortisium as I did at the Bills & Texans game Saturday 1/4. The play clock ran out and there was no whistle. They gave the Texans a first down when even the commentators stated they were short. I won’t even go into the touchdown that was pulled back from the Bills. You could really see who they wanted to win that game. Your referees at that game sucked!! You all need to go and watch the replay of the game and see what everyone is so pissed off about.

Victor Diaz –

Refs need to get held accountable for missing a ovio delay off game facemask is like they hate the Buffalo Bills let the game play and call it even no favoritism this sport is Turing just like boxing predictable and is crazy they need to know if they blow a ovios call they will get fine is lutacris how they control the game make it go the way they want

Ted Kolankowsski –

Unprofessional and disgraceful
Once again the league officialting demonatrates they are in the pockets of Las Vegas.
I am done with you scumbags!!!!!!!!!!

David Escue –

Texans did not get the play off in time on their second possession. I have the picture. The play where they reviewed to see if it was a first down or not. The play clock was at zero!!!!

Paul Houseknecht –

Amazing how no ref was watching the play clock in that 3rd and 18… Was at zero for over a second…. But somehow they come up with a blind side block to take Buffalo out of field go range….hmmmm… Also, two people wrap up the quieter back is called a sack in any other game but this one… Nope…. All the players quit the play because it was over and the refs let that crap go .. Absolute joke today

Eric Hyland –

Don’t you love when “common sense” is more important than the rules and loses u a playoff game.

William Henry –

How did the refs miss the facemask on Josh Allen? Every single official is watching that play, this is unacceptable. Start penalizing the NE Patriots like any other regular team.

Robin McNamara –

I would like to know the following answers:

1- What is the NFL going to do about the NE patriots video taping other teams?
2. What is the NFL going to do to the player that moved the ball forward during the Bills/NE game? The video is available online.
3. What is the NFL going to do about Edelman (Patriots) faking being injured during the Bills game and admitting to it?
4. Why are so many calls missed against NE? Like the face masks against Josh Allen.
How about the face mask called against the Bills during the Steelers game. His hands weren’t even close to the players helmet.
5. Why isn’t clock management monitored when the Patriots are in charge of it? They run the clock all the time on teams.

The NFL has to do a better job. Fans are tired of the Patriots cheating!!! They need to be disciplined during the season and not after the season is over with. Make them pay so they don’t continue to do this. The integrity of the game is on the line. Please do the right thing!

in my opinion – the Patriots should have been banned from playing in the Super Bowl when deflate gate took place!!!

William Worden –

I am really sick and tired of the obvious favortism given to the Patriots. There were at least THREE missed calls during the Bills v Patriots game that made a significant change to the outcome game. Yes, I am a Bills fan, but the point is that the referees have become either complacent or complicit. Something needs to be done to bring back the integrity of the game. I certainly hope there is not some kind of racketeering going on.

Stacy Popadowski –