Lukas Davidson –

Your refs are awful. The clear fumble recover rule is completely stupid and you are allowed to block in the back behind the line of scrimmage so fix it

Steve Janotta –

Packers vs. Vikings
1st quarter
14:00 on the clock

Packers running back was encouraged to fumble the ball
After return of fumble, Vikings awarded ball on 8 yard line.
Should have been Packers ball plus five yards.
Vikings had too many men on the field.

Claude Putnam –

Your referees for sunday nights game show they are for the 49ers and against green bay…. I gave the nfl another chance, but now I know not to watch as the referees are determined to decide who wins… good bye NFL and now I’ll just watch Saturday college football. Plenty of other shows to watch on Sunday’s.

David Pautz –

Rogers had hand contact to the face while in the red zone and no penalty was called. Williams has slight contact, hands to the face in the red zone against the Chiefs and you call a penalty. Why or for what reason must you allow the Chiefs to win? Officials have been doing a terrible job in all games.

Elmer Jeanquart –

Why were the refs in the Packers game so shitty the ruffing the passer call all he did was touch his fucken helmet

Penny Darracott –

I’m sorry but the referee call against the Green Bay Packers and Eagles were terrible. You have to do a better job!!! This is costing teams victories and is ridiculous!!!!!!

David Poffinbarger –

In the green bay game the packers coach asked for a review on a pass interference no call. To anyone with eyes this was pass interference. The FBI was not playing the ball, made contact and was even pushing the receivers head back with his hand. In the off season this review ability was added…if the nfl refuses to overturn these obvious calls why did they bother to change the rule in the first place?