David Garcia –

Horrible officiating in tonight’s game between Packers and Seattle. Every close call when Seahawks way. The spread moved towards the home team. So fixed it’s sick


Doug Broaden –

Refs should be ashamed of themselves tonight Packers and Seahawks game. They did not make calls against Seahawks but where sure to call against the Packers. Sham on you assholes, you need to lose your fucking jobs. We saw you talking with Pete Carroll many times you fu#@ing asswipes.

Gary Hudson –

Watching this Green Bay vs New England game the officiating has been horrific. First an ejection for a open hand slap and now an personal foul for roughing the kicker both inaccurate calls, this really needs to be addressed

Tim Roberts –

Packers roughing call atrocious. Have any of you ever played defense in the NFL? A rusher should try to hit the QB off to one side despite coming straight at him – you are totally clueless – response QB side steps one step and rusher misses him. Completely ridiculous. You are killing the sport like NASCAR has. Also Aaron was sacked with guy directly on top of him where was that call? And the prior week your official failed to stop the play on defensive off side and let him go straight to Aaron – a hit he shouldn’t have had to take – no apology from your officer admitting you blew the call – typical sickening.

Dennis FROME –

You and incompenate officials have made me, a fan of 60 years, to no longer be a participate in a a farce. Between the people who disrespect the flag to your absolutely BS QB sack rules have ruined the greatest game ever. Why don’t you put a flag and a dress on the QB. Your BS statement about the calls against Clay Matthews is insulting to anyone’s intelligence. I will now follow college ball and look for something better to do on Sundays. Thanks a lot u idiots!

Good Riddance,
Dennis Frome

R Contreras –

Really, you make a b******t call roughing the passer on clay matthews.. but when a rod gets hit you dont make the same is wrong with that might as well put flags on the qb .. or just play touch football.. I’ve played, coached and raised my kids on football. It sickens me to see how many lame rules they are now.

Mike O’Connor –

This is to, ALSO, to be sent to the league office in NY. 2 weeks in a row now!!! This one on Clay Matthews in Washington on a COMPLETELY LEGAL QB sack! APPALLING and, of course, ENTIRELY WRONG!!! There is no argument on this and no doubt whatsoever! It’s ‘all the way around’ irrational and illogical!!!!!!! Finally, this kind of nonsense has to stop, NOW!!!!!

James Chapman –

Let the players play football( I mean real football, not the pussy soccer game)…Clay Matthews deserved his first game penalty, but I don’t understand what he could’ve done the second and the third game… These games shouldn’t be decided by refs… One more time and I’m gonna decide to not watch NFL football

Robert Straus –

How the hell does Clay Mathews get called for roughing the passer , when that SOB from washington picks up and SLAMS Rodgers ? THE OFFICIALS SUCK …. and should be reprimanded , and at the very least , sent packing !

Jack S –

It appears the NFL has it in for Green Bay. Roughing the passer was not called when 2 Bears landed with full body weight on Aaron Rogers knee in the first game. #52 for GB has had 2 clean hits on the QB’s in the last two games and has been called for roughing the passer both times. Also why isn’t holding being called against the dbs against Green Bay? Replays have shown clearly that GB receivers have had their jersey’s pulled and their arms held down before the ball arrives but no calls. Someone high up in the NFL has something against Green Bay.