Jodie Rowdon –

Please tell me how clay Matthews can’t touch anyone? Especially the QB? There were plenty of the same plays that were identical with other teams. What do you have against him? This is getting terrible. Let the players play. The Packers are owned by the fans. We aren’t some big wig at an office. We want real games. Show us that the refs know how to do their jobs! If I am wrong at my job someone dies! I understand that this game isn’t life or death but we expect the workers to do their jobs. So please make your refs do their jobs correctly. Have the oomph to stand up!


Brian Miller –

I would like a reasonable explanation for the non call on Washington when they sacked the packers quarterback. He was lifted and thrown down with all the players weight coming down on him. The call against the Green Bay player when he sacked the redskins quarterback was because he came down with all his weight. I have found it increasingly hard to watch any NFL game without seeing terrible officiating. Your referees are ruining the game and making the NFL a joke of an organization. I wonder how many other fans feel this way.

Robert Goetzke –

I am 66 years old and have been watching NFL football games probably since I was 4 years old.
I know being a ref is a tough job but these calls you have made on Clay Mathews for roughing the passer the last two weeks are a disgrace. You need to fix this or might as well be playing flag football. You might just be doing your job, but if that’s the best you can do you should be looking for a new job.

Stephen Parker –

Enough – you are killing the game – roughing the passer – Clay Mathews an honest clean tackle and instead of a loss you guys determin the outcome of the game by calling a penalty that should have never been called. This isn’t a full speed pass or multiple people involved – this was a one on one out in the open – while I know you can’t undo it at this time but you can make the public statement that it was a mistake – take responsibility and pass the word to the entire league referees this kind of call will not be tolerated by fans and the media – correct it for the future – OR face the social media coverage coming if it happens again

Stephen Parker
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Not that it should matter but I am a 63 years old white professional. The NFL has been my sport to watch since I was a teenager. Not an activist, media or social media person. An American who loves the game.

Laura Krohn –

Your refs suck! Second week in a row of blowing calls against the Packers. I don’t have to mention the Matthews call from last week. How about the Peterson touchdown that wasn’t? Now Matthews again against Smith? Just happened in real time. Your employees would not have jobs in the real world.

Joseph Fochs –

The NFL defending the calls against Clay Matthews in the Vikings and Redskins games is just plain pathetic. No one in the world who is objective saw lifting and burping other than Corrente and the head of officiating. Cousins moves slightly up only because of the throwing motion he was in. Similarly, the play on Alex Smith was simply a tackle. The series prior a Redskins defender very clearly lifted Rodgers and landed on him with full weight, a far more dangerous play. You’re losing fans. You need to admit when you’re wrong. Its a shame when officials incorrectly determine the outcome of games.

Chris Willich –

How is Clay Matthews supposed to tackle the quarterback? Stop the bad calls.

Michael Kessler –

The reffs during the packer Redskins were wrong to throw a flag against Clay Mathews for the sack on Alex Smith in the 3rd quarter. Its football not paddy cake.

Paul Leale –

2 weeks in a row a fucking horrible roughing the passer call on Green Bays Clay Mathews .WTF


Gustavo Ramos –

Please tell your crew from the Refskins vs Green Bay game to make it look real when makings thise stupid one sided calls maybe they have action on the game themselves but on TV is very obvious they are sick you should fire them or make them stop gambling