Ella Alexander –

We know that the refs are human and everyone makes a bad call but this is ridiculous and people should know better than to make such horrid calls. The Chiefs deserve to be in the super bowl. Thank you for your time.


Jake Hartman –

I would like to place a complaint of the refs that the Patriots get. Every post session game the pats are in the refs seam to be up their ass. This clearly gives other teams an unfair advantage. This is bullshit, and I would like to express my concern. Thank you.

Shawn Kerr –

I am a chiefs fan and this was our year to go to the super bowl and we don’t win cause your shitty ass calls and always rooting for the patriots. I want a email back and wanna know why u cheating the chiefs

Khris Klein –

OK give me a freaking break. Roughing the passer and the guy didn’t even get close to touching Tom Brady’s head. How freaking terrible are you guys. When I watch the Saints game and the guy goes helmet to helmet and wipes tomorrow. How biased are you freaking raft to protect and make sure the New England Patriots get all the man be pamby calls

James Stallworth –

The SNF game with Seattle Seahawks, was a setup for the Seahawks to win. It’s obvious the caused a delay of game penalty by not getting out of the way, then only called holding against the other Team for a Seahawks Team to win. Y’all are Corrupt!

Jason Lechner –

I’m watching the Chiefs vs Rams game right now and I’ve seen the Rams CHOKING the Chiefs players at least 3 times now, with no flag.

So is there any training involved at all to be an official or do you just “rock paper scissors” for it?

Obviously you “officials” aren’t firing enough cross eyed morons.

Michelle Brock –

As I am watching the rams and chief game , the referees are calling everything on the chiefs but nothing at all on the rams.. seems a little bias to me and is completely ridiculous for just about every play there is a penalty against the chiefs. For god sakes let them play football

Ronald Smith –

While watching Monday Night Football Kansas City at Los Angelos , officials have started the game by making numerous bad calls on Kansas City , which takes a lot away from the game and it is a disgrace to the NFL. This needs to stop and officials that make errors, should be terminated.

Ronnie Hamilton –

The Patriots We’re holding the chiefs quarterback by his jersey and horse collar

phillip ramey –

Maybe you should check bank accounts. Kansas City Chiefs/ Pittsburgh game sure looks like your referee’s are on the take from Pittsburgh.